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News for Sunday 14 July

IARU President offers assurances regarding French 144-146 mhz proposals
International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) Presdent Tim Ellam, VE6SH/G4HUA, said his organization empathizes with the concerns of radio amateurs worldwide regarding a French proposal to allocate 144 – 146 MHz to the Aeronautical Service on a primary basis, essentially sharing it with Amateur Radio. The band is currently allocated to Amateur Radio on a primary basis around the world

QSO Today – Dino Papas – KL0S
Dino Papas, KL0S, leads the Williamsburg Area Amateur Radio Club in Williamsburg, Virginia, using the leadership skills that he acquired after 26 years in the US Army

Another look at the remarkable opening on 144 MHz from Cape Verde Islands to Italy
Back on the 9th of June 2019, there was a remarkable opening on 144 MHz when D41CV on the Cape Verde Islands off the coast of Africa managed to work into Italy and Slovenia. At the time, the reports were a bit sketchy but more information is now available

VK6WIA NewsWest
In this broadcast: It’s HISTORY week – and we travel back 50 years to 1969. We’ve got news on the 6m repeater – back ON AIR, RFI from the NBN, The 2m band and aviation proposals from France 

LABRE raises LED traffic light interference with ABNT
Brazil’s national amateur radio society LABRE has raised the issue of pollution of the precious RF spectrum by LED traffic light signals with the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT)

40-foot Tesla Coil demonstration for Tesla Birthday Expo
As part of this year’s annual celebration of famed inventor Nikola Tesla’s birthday, a demonstration of a 40-foot Tesla coil will be the centerpiece of Saturday’s event presented by The Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe

New Orbitrack iOS app free for Apollo 11 Anniversary
On the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11’s first manned moon landing, a new iOS app – Orbitrack – lets you explore the universe of spacecraft in orbit around our home planet today, using cutting-edge augmented and virtual reality technology

Propagation Report from Hannes Coetzee, ZS6BZP
Hannes Coetzee, ZS6BZP, reports that the solar activity is expected to remain at low levels


News for Saturday 13 July

Foundations of Amateur Radio #214
Your Software Defined Radio around the home
What would you do if you found that at random times your garage door opener didn’t work, or the Wi-Fi network dropped out, or you couldn’t switch off a light with an RF controller?

144 MHz: ‘Houston… we have a problem’
Jacques Verleijen ON4AVJ writes in issue 83 of the IARU Region 1 VHF/UHF/uW newsletter about the proposal for potential Aeronautical Mobile Service use of the amateur radio 144 MHz band

144 MHz – Austria supports radio amateurs
Austria’s ÖVSV reports the Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) has assured radio amateurs of the Ministry’s support against the French proposal to allocate 144-146 MHz to the Aeronautical Mobile Service

National VOA Museum of Broadcasting to celebrate 75 years of VOA Bethany Station
While much of the WW2 propaganda streamed from radio broadcasts originated in Hitler’s Germany and the Empire of Japan, the Voice of America Bethany Station in West Chester helped calm the chaos by transmitting accurate VOA war news to Allied troops and people living in oppressed countries that lacked a free press 

RSGB considering new exam similar to City and Guilds RAE
RSGB volunteers have developed a syllabus for a new amateur radio exam that will provide a direct route to the Full licence just like the original City and Guilds RAE

The Space Weather Woman
New Hope for the Coming Cycle – The latest space weather forecast from Dr Tamitha Skov WX6SWW

50th anniversary of Apollo 11 moon landing
VERON reports that PA11APOLLO and GB5EHL will be among the many special event stations on-the-air to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing


News for Friday 12 July

2m band robbery: ARI sent a letter to the Italian ministry
ARI has made an important step that every national radio amateur association should do, namely to wake up the ministry in charge and to ask them not to vote in favour of the French motion!

Austrian ministry fights against 2m band robbery
The OE-association reports that the Ministry will vote against the French motion

France holds consultation on 5 MHz amateur band
REF has responded to the public consultation being held by the Post and Electronic Communications Regulation Authority (ARCEP) about the proposed 5 MHz (60m) amateur radio band

JAISAT-1 Telemetry data sought
Tanan Rangseeprom HS1JAN, Project Manager of the new amateur radio transponder satellite JAISAT-1 launched July 5, has requested telemetry data from the 435.700 MHz beacon

Spectacular auroras photographed by NASA Stratospheric Observatory
A solar wind stream hit Earth Wednesday-and the timing couldn’t have been better

DX News from the ARRL
The American Radio Relay League’s round-up of the forthcoming week’s DX activity on the amateur radio bands

Hawaii Island Amateur/Ham Radio News:

The Hawaii QSO Party is set for 23 August 2019 through 25 August 2019.  According to ARRL Pacific Section Manager Joseph Speroni (AH0A), “There will be a lot of activity out there to work.  Hawaii stations work everyone. Everyone else works Hawaii. Exchange is a signal report and your Hawaii district.  You can find all the rules and procedures here:  http://www.hawaiiqsoparty.org/

Doug Wilson (KH7DQ) is offering one more free Technician License Class this year.  That class begins on 17 October 2019 at the Keaau Community Center in Keaau, Hawaii Island.  For more information, please contact Doug at douscelle@aol.com

“Grid Madness 2019”, the Hawaii Island-based VHF/UHF Simplex Contest, is set for Sunday, 15 September 2019, from 1300 to 1700 HST.  You can download the revised contest package here:  https://gridmadness.blogspot.com

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