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Thursday, July 11, 2019
News for Thursday 11 July

144MHz: VERON writes to Dutch telecom regulator
VERON has written to the Dutch telecom regulator (Agentschap Telecom) to object to the French proposal PTA(19)090R1 for new non-safety aeronautical mobile applications on the 2 meter band

HAManitarian program announced
GECO (Grassroots Emergency Communications Operations) created its HAManitarian Program integrating HAM radio, Emergency Preparedness, Emergency Communications using its brand of Community-based Education to develop and promote community resilience to disasters while improving the quality of primary to post-secondary education

Tony’s 10m Band Report
I’ve been working AM3WRG for the World Roller Games diploma. Up to gold now. Fun stuff.
Lots of special calls around. AO50MOON, a Spanish special event for the 50th anniversary of the moon landing.

Neil Armstrong, “First step for man…” etc.). Didn’t get that station, yet!

Simplex QSO video
Simplex radio communications at their worst in this audio with video enhancements; two Hams who were on air forgot that there are other people listening to their name-calling argument

June IARU-R1 Monitoring System newsletter available
The latest IARU-R1 Monitoring System newsletter reports Iranian radar has been active in the primary 28 MHz amateur radio band

Amateur Radio Representation in ITU
ARU has participated in ITU conferences since 1927 and has been a sector member of ITU since 1932, playing an active role in the work of the ITU radiocommunication and development sectors

RTÉ Longwave service ‘temporarily suspended’
RTÉ on 252 Khz is now off air for a possible 10 weeks or so and in the UK we can hear signals from Algeria Chaine 3 even now in the middle of the day


News for Wednesday 10 July

144 MHz: RASA writes to Australian regulator
The Radio Amateur Society of Australia has written to the Australian Communications and Media Authority to object to the French sharing proposal for 144-146 MHz

Portuguese amateur radio clubs reject 144-146 MHz proposal
On the July 6th, a group of seventeen (17) Portuguese Amateur Radio Clubs had a meeting on the subject of the French proposal PTA(19)090R1- at ECC/CEPT group PTA/CPG, meeting #7, regarding the relocation of the frequency band 144-146 MHz

ITU welcomes EURAO
The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) admittedEURAO as a sector member in June, just a couple of days before HAM RADIO exhibition, although the official letter arrived later. That’s why we were so happy after five years pursuing that goal

Continued Arduino exceitment
Following on from the Bnabury Amateur Radio Society‘s Learn-Build-Code program which attracted over 15 members to take part and build 1-150MHz synthesisers, 10uW to 10mW RF power meters and 40m DC radios for FT8 reception

RSGB letter to Ofcom about 144-146 MHz band
The RSGB has published excerpts of the letter written to Ofcom by the Society’s President Dave Wilson M0OBW regarding the French proposal to allocate the Primary Amateur Radio 144-146 MHz band to the Aeronautical Mobile Service

California earthquakes disrupted HF propagation on west coast
British Columbia radio amateur Alex Schwarz, VE7DXW, said that an Independence Day magnitude 6.4 earthquake in California’s Mojave Desert and multiple aftershocks negatively affected HF propagation on the US west coast

104-year-old radio ham who helped put humans on the moon
The Nashville Tennessean newspaper reports on the contribution of scientist and radio amateur J. Cary Nettles W5SRR to the US space program. Cary celebrated his 104th birthday on July 8

WMRC Red Rose QRP Rally
Following the great success of our winter rally where we had a 300-350 footfall, we are expecting this QRP rally to be a real attraction

IOTA news from the DARC
Compiled by Andreas, DK5ON of the Deutscher Amateur Radio Club


News for Tuesday 9July

Happy 150th – Hiram Percy Maxim Birthday Celebration
The ARRL is celebrating the 150th anniversary of the birth of ARRL’s first president and co-founder Hiram Percy Maxim (HPM), W1AW, born on September 2nd, 1869

Award for Top Homebrew Designers in Amateur Radio announced
Homebrew Heroes Award to be given annually
Today, the ICQ Podcast (icqpodcast.com) announced a partnership in the founding of the Homebrew Heroes Award by three members of the podcast 

CAS-7B launch expected July 22
Alan BA1DU reports the Amateur Radio satellite CAS-7B (BP-1B) is expected to launch at 05:00 GMT on July 22, 2019

Reversed Polarity Sunspot
A reversed-polarity sunspot has broken through the surface of the sun–the second time this month this has happened

St. Paul Island DXpedtion news
Seven of the 2016 DXpedtion Team will be returning July 31st, 2019, to St. Paul Island

IEEE article: Is Ham Radio a Hobby, a Utility…or Both?
Some think automated radio emails are mucking up the spectrum reserved for amateur radio, while others say these new offerings provide a useful service

Call for nominations of candidates for Regional Director
The Secretary of Radio Amateurs of Canada Inc. hereby solicits nominations for the positions of Director for the Regions of Alberta/NWT/NU, Ontario South (postal codes L, M and N) and Quebec

Hawaii Island Amateur/Ham Radio News:

The next Hawaii QSO Party is set for 23 August through 25 August 2019.  You can get all of the rules and procedures here:  http://www.hawaiiqsoparty.org/

“Grid Madness 2019”, the Hawaii Island-based VHF/UHF Simplex Contest, will be held on Sunday, 15 September 2019, from 1300 to 1700 HST.  You can download the revised contest package here:  https://gridmadness.blogspot.com

Doug Wilson (KH7DQ) will conduct one more free Technician License Class this year.  The class begins on 17 October 2019 at the Keaau Community Center in Keaau, Hawaii Island.  For more information, please contact Doug here: douscelle@aol.com

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