The radios are put away, the antennas are down and the 2019 Field day is in the books, if you have logged all your contacts that is.

All the behind the scenes work that was completed deserves a thank you to all that made it possible. From coordinating the sites, the many volunteers that set-up, those who volunteered their radios, antennas and generators. Those are just a few items that you may  have noticed. But what about all the other things? The people who cooked, brought in all the food, paper plates, cups, ice, coolers, tables and chairs. The family members that volunteered their time to be there for the operator.

All the things that goes into field day happened because others love to support the clubs, friends & families. The next time you see your club board or your friends who help organize this event, just say Thank you. It will mean a lot to them and they deserve it.