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Welcome to a “Hawaii Island Amateur/Ham Radio” update from Big Island ARRL News.  Views expressed in this Amateur/Ham Radio News summary are those of the reporters and correspondents.   Content provided by the UK-based Southgate Amateur Radio Club.  Following this post, I’ll have a few notes for Hawaii Island radio amateurs/hams.  Accessed on 09 June 2019, 0515 UTC, Post 998.


Please click link or scroll down to read your selections.  This news summary covers the period of 06 June 2019 through 08 June 2019.

News for Saturday 8 June

Foundations of Amateur Radio #209
When digging gives you more understanding, the magic of software

Today I’m going to go sideways to move forward. In amateur radio we consider circuits, components such as transistors, inductors, capacitors, crystals and how they’re connected to each other. The framework in which that exists is embodied by the field of electronics and how these components can be mixed together to shape a radio that you can build or buy

Digital Activity Days ‘Russian DOMINO 2019’
Russian Digital Radio Club invites to celebrate our national holiday the Day of Russia to play with colleagues in ‘Russian DOMINO

Ham Radio at Women in Tech event
On June 6, Dorothy M0LMR gave a short talk on amateur radio at a “Women in Tech Talk” event run by Southend Tech

NASA opens International Space Station to new commercial opportunities, private astronauts
NASA is opening the International Space Station for commercial business so U.S. industry innovation and ingenuity can accelerate a thriving commercial economy in low-Earth orbit
This move comes as NASA focuses full speed ahead on its goal of landing the first woman and next man on the Moon by 2024

VK6WIA NewsWest
Today we look at the history of Amateur Radio, with snippets from as far back as 1924

Must-see movie of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot unraveling
Today’s edition of highlights a unique movie of the planet Jupiter

Propagation de K7RA
According to, as of June 5 there have been no sunspots for 17 days in a row. Average daily solar flux went to 69.5 this reporting week (May 30 through June 5) from 67.4 in the previous seven days


News for Friday 7 June

AMSAT President Awarded Russian E.T. Krenkel Medal
AMSAT President and ARRL Life Member Joe Spier, K6WAO, has been awarded the Russian E.T. Krenkel Medal, a prestigious award granted to individuals and organizations for outstanding global contributions to Amateur Radio

Emergency Communications meeting at HamRadio 2019
June 21-23 brings the largest gathering of Radio Amateurs in Europe and also the largest gathering of Emergency Communicators at HAMRADIO 2019 in Friedrichshafen

Latest FT4 beta release ‘Leaps and Bounds’ better
ARRL say user reports have been favorable in the wake of the release of another new beta version of the FT4 protocol by the WSJT-X Development Group this week

New remote QTH on hamsphere 4.0
A lot of activity in this moment on hamSphere 4.0 because of new remote QTH in exotic QTHs like American Samoa, Solomon island, Caiman Islands and 7 other rare DXCC

Hamvention Forum videos
Videos of the TAPR, HamSCI and SDR Forums from the 2019 Hamvention in Xenia, Ohio, are now on YouTube

Sharon White to step down as Ofcom Chief Executive
The Ofcom Board has announced that Sharon White is to step down as Chief Executive

CubeSat Developers Workshop – talks now available
Videos of talks given at the 2019 CubeSat Developers Workshopheld at Cal Poly Performing Arts Center, San Luis Obispo, CA during April 23-25 are now on YouTube

DX News from the ARRL
The American Radio Relay League’s round-up of the forthcoming week’s DX activity on the amateur radio bands


News for Thursday 6 June

Tony’s 10m Band Report
I now need only AM70L and P to get my platinum award. Not much time to go. 
The Cricket World Cup event is underway. I had a near disaster with my stint. I thought WSJT-X was auto-logging but it wasn’t. I had to extract all the QSOs from a mega TXT file and type them in to make an ADI file. I’ll know better next time

Image: Tony Dixon G4CJC

New Beta version of FT4 now available
The ARRL reports the WSJT-X Development Group has released another new beta version of the FT4 protocol now available for testing in WSJT-X 2.1.0-rc7

New from TenTec The Omni 7 Plus Hamvention 2019
A new Video from TenTec The Omni 7 Plus Hamvention 2019

Practical Wireless 144MHz QRP Contest
The Practical Wireless 144Mhz QRP Contest takes place on Sunday 9th June from 09:00 to 16:00 UTC

EURAO Party – Summer 2019: premiering FT4
The European Radio Amateurs’ Organization announces a new party on the air, this time with the motto: ‘premiering FT4

Ofcom preparing to make more spectrum available for sharing
Ofcom is planning to make more spectrum available for shared use in the 8 GHz and 26 GHz bands, while continuing to take account of the needs of existing users in both bands

The Space Weather Woman
The latest space weather forecast from Dr Tamitha Skov WX6SWW – Coronal Hole, Bright Region Oreo: Solar Storm Forecast 06-05-2019

New Zealand: Updated Table of Radio Spectrum Usage
Radio Spectrum Management (RSM) has recently published a new issue of ‘Table of Radio Spectrum Usage in New Zealand (PIB 21)’ – Issue 10

A daytime meteor shower is underway
Radars in the northern hemisphere are pinging with activity as one of the strongest meteor showers of the year takes place in broad daylight

Hawaii Island Amateur/Ham Radio News:

Doug Wilson (KH7DQ) is offering one more free Technician License Class on Hawaii Island.  That class is set for 17 October 2019 at the Keaau Community Center in Keaau, Hawaii Island.  For details, contact Doug at

“Grid Madness 2019”, the Hawaii Island-based VHF/UHF Simplex Contest is set for Sunday, 15 September 2019, from 1300 to 1700 HST.  For details visit this website: Also, you can contact the event coordinator, Stan (AH6KO), at

The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation (AMSAT) is urging all licensed radio amateurs to add the “AMSAT Field Day 2019” to their normal ARRL Field Day schedule.  Like it ARRL counterpart, AMSAT radio amateurs will hold their event the same time as the ARRL Field Day–22-23 June 2019.  According to AMSAT Director of Contests and Awards, Bruce Paige (KK5DO), “Amateurs are to use the exchange as specified in the ARRL rules for Field Day.  The AMSAT competition is to encourage the use of all amateur satellites, both analog and digital.  The congestion on FM LEO satellites is alway so intense that we must continue to limit their use to one-QSO-per-FM satellite.  This includes the International Space Station.  You will be allowed one QSO if the ISS is operating voice.” You can download a full set of rules (including documents) here:

For the latest Amateur/Ham Radio news and information, please check the blog sidebars and links.  These news feeds are updated daily and weekly.  Thanks for joining us today.

Aloha es 73 de Russell Roberts (KH6JRM)

Public Information Coordinator

Hawaii County, ARRL Pacific Section

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