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1a. June 2, 2019 SKYWARN “Simulated Hurricane” Net
From: Kevin Bogan <>
Date: Fri, 31 May 2019 16:42:37 PDT

To all,

The annual Makani Pahili “Simulated Hurricane” Net will be held Sunday,
June 2, 2019, from 9 a.m. to 12 noon.

The purpose of the net is to prepare for the upcoming hurricane season and
test the NWS Ham station, KH6SW.

We will be on the following DEM and State RACES repeaters as well as HF for
voice and FLDigi for real world weather messages.  Please give your call
sign, name, SKYWARN ID number (if you have one).  Keep  messages short with
a few words.

We encourage those operators who can to send a Winlink report, please use
the Hurricane Report template and include the word SIMULATED in the
message.  For this exercise, please address your Winlink message to

We can take

– “Real World Fair Weather Report” and
– “Simulated Severe Weather Report”

for practice.

–  If you are giving a “Real World Weather Report” you can report it as
where you are calling from, for example, “I’m in Kaimuki and it is sunny
and 80 degrees.”  Please keep it short.
– You can simulate a “Severe Weather Report” using the criteria given by
NWS Skywarn.

Skywarn will be focusing on the use of “metrics” and “impacts” in
reporting.  For example, if you are reporting Heavy Rain, please report
your measured rain rate such as
“.45 inches for fifteen minutes at 0945 HST in Hahaione Valley and
continues.”  This report indicates a rain rate that meets the criteria of
one inch per hour. Indicate impacts, especially if you cannot measure it,
for example, “ponding covering road at Keahole and Hawaii Kai Drive.”

Please review criteria at

You can use one or all the following repeaters to call and/or send your
FLDigi message:
– 146.760 no pl (Peacock Flat)
– 146.860 pl 88.5 (Maunakapu)
– 146.880 pl 88.5 (Diamond Head)
– 146.980 pl 88.5 (Downtown Honolulu)
– 146.680 pl 88.5 (Waimanalo Ridge)
– 444.350 pl 103.5 (Diamond Head, if linked in)
Also on:
– HF:  7.080 USB for voice & Fldigi

We encourage all licensed Amateur radio operator, whether you are a SKYWARN
weather spotter or not, to participate.

*Skywarn NCSs, if you wish to be at the NWS HFO Skywarn station to
participate, 0800-1200 HST, June 2, 2019, please let me (AH6QO) know since
the area can become cramped. The HF system has been worked on and improved.
Parking is free.  0800 HST for prep, 0900 HST start.*

Request widest distribution of this email.

Kevin, AH6QO
State SKYWARN Ham Coordinator
Cell: 808.778.4697
Other: (720) 235-8172

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