Welcome to the Sunday evening edition of Big Island ARRL News.  In this post, I feature an article from Glenn (AH6IO) which appears in the current memo from the BIARC List Serve.  This post discusses the Emcomm relationship between the Big Island Amateur Radio Club and the Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency.  Your input is most welcome by responding to the addresses at the end of Glenn’s remarks.

I’m also including the current news from the UK-based Southgate Amateur Radio Club.

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Here is the complete text from Glenn (AH6IO) regarding the BIARC’s MOU (memorandum of understanding) with the Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency:

[BIARC] New thread re: BIARC MOU with HCCDA


Glenn via BIARC biarc@mailman.qth.net

8:55 AM (5 hours ago)

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Hello Biarc List Serve members:
First topic concerns the MOU brought up on the 7 PM ARES net on 146.76 last nite.
I had almost forgotten about that.  Pascal first brought it up – and last I heard it was going to be done…  Last nite Tony mentioned that it was brought up at yesterday’s BIARC Bd meeting.  I guess it is not completed or agreed to yet.  This mainly concerns the use of Kulani during an emergency and practices I guess – for ACS – right now with Doug, KH7DQ as net control.
This does not concern what I brought up regarding the need for a group to have an agreement/MOU with HCCDA/ACS regarding participation in ACS during a real emergency.  As I have previously explained, Volcano’s VERT does.  I think Greg, FC said HPP was working on such with HCCDA.
As far as I know, ARES does not.   For the explanation I got was that no Ham agency has an agreement with HCCDA for emergency participation.  I think it is common knowledge that our Mayor is not in favor of Ham participation.  Someone else can fill in the blanks here…for the present situation…
This is why I am wondering what ARES East HI and now South HI with Rick Ward, WH6FC not active currently and Blake, KH7MS as DEC – concentrating on DMR is doing.  I have not heard anything from ARES leadership concerning the ARES agency participation in EMCOMM.  As far as I know they do not have an agreement with HCCDA.  Now where to the RFA and RFI go then ?  If to the State EOC/DEM in Honolulu, besides for information will that actually be acted on in Hilo or even passed to Hilo ?  In normal emergencies/storms, etc. the Hawaii County Police call Public Works, Fire/Rescue/Ambulance, Helco, Bd of Water Supply, etc. for assistance.  As long as they are able to, I think that is the communication path – 911…
I see a possible little hitch – in that many highways are State Hwys – can the DEM in Hon. direct them – over the control by HCCDA ?   I’d say probably not.  There is a whole Triage thing – and use of assets needs control.  That is why I said previously that Talmadge Magno has said in meetings up here in Volcano not to expect immediate help – that the large population and closer areas will be served first.  That we should do our best to take care of ourselves.  That is why I said comments like from Tony, WH6DVI are so meaningful – that he would have help and tools, etc. that could be on call in his local area.  I’d say each area should strive to have the same…  For example, Volcano’s answer is the VERT for here – it has a communication aspect and person in charge and location too.
I have posted writings suggesting ways ARES could as an Agency provide a role and function such as the Health and Welfare communications – and also provide current and correct information about the situation and do it in periodic time periods, say every 1/2 hour on different media/freq/etc.  If there is a contact with ACS for that purpose, it is possible ARES would get cooperation from HCCDA if one person would be the contact and they would not be inundated with the same calls for info over and over.  And ARES could do the answering of questions and the repetition of the information.
But what do I know – but I know I – as part of ARES or BIARC or the general ham community do not want to force myself into an area where I am not really wanted and am more likely to clog up the communication than help.
Thanks for reading – comments are welcome – a discussion is really good – we have time before the coming Hurricane Season…
Sincerely,Glenn, AH6IO
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The Southgate Amateur Radio Club News:

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News for Sunday 28 April

IARU Informal Band Planning Group (IIBPG) founded
To promote the harmonisation of band plans in the three IARU regions and to inform about possible changes in advance, the IARU Informal Band Planning Group (IIBPG) has been founded

QSO Today – George Misic – KE8RN
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J20DX DXpedition cancelled
Operators Col/MM0NDX and Jonathan/MM0OKG had all of their radio equipment impounded by customs at Djibouti Ambouli International Airport on arrival despite Christian/ EA3NT clearing customs smoothly 2 days before!!

Irish Long Wave Station gets two year extension
The Irish radio station RTE on 252 kHz is one of the few still operating on the long wave band in Europe

PHL-Microsat issues Diwata-2 Amateur Radio unit service announcement
On April 26 Philippines PHL-Microsat announced that Diwata-2‘s ARU or ham radio is now ready for service

Horizontal versus Vertical antenna polarisation – the debate
Attend the next joint SARL and AMSAT SA VHF workshop on Saturday 25 May and join the debate about Horizontal versus Vertical antenna polarisation for long distance VHF communication

Reunion Island operation
Thomas, F4HPX, will once again be active as FR/F4HPXfrom various locations on Reunion Island (AF-016) from mid-May until the beginning of June

Propagation Report from Hannes Coetzee, ZS6BZP
Hannes Coetzee, ZS6BZP, reports that the solar activity is expected to remain at low leve

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