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News for Sunday 14 April

AmateurLogic 129: Peanut Voice Octopus
Tommy demonstrates the free Peanut D-Star app. Emile shows how to use the Raspberry Pi as a voice keyer for his Icom ID-9100. George erects the MFJ Octopus Antenna and details some tips to do it quicker and precise. Plus the usual fun and your viewer email and posts

Austria proposes revision to HF ham radio band plans
Austria’s Funk News reports on the new HF band plans being proposed by the national amateur radio society ÖVSV to the IARU Region 1 meeting April 27-28

QSO Today – Joe Everhart – N2CX
Joe Everhart, N2CX, is well known is QRP circles for his technical contributions and articles in the ham radio magazines

Essex Skills Night Monday

Skills Night takes place at 7pm on Monday, April 15 in Danbury Village Hall, Essex, this free event is open to all. Hosted by the Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society Training Team,

Skills Nights are Inter-Club events attended by amateurs and SWL’s from across Essex and beyond

April 18 is World Amateur Radio Day
World Amateur Radio Day, on April 18, marks the founding of the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU)

55th Anniversary of IARU Region 2
On April 16, 1964, the 1st. Pan-American Amateur Radio Congress was inaugurated in Mexico City in order to create what is known today as IARU Region 2

SARL 2019 AGM on YouTube
The 2019 AGM of the South African Radio League held on Saturday, April 13 was live streamed on YouTube

Watch a sunspot crack up
This weekend, one of the largest sunspots in recent years is directly facing Earth. The behemoth is not producing strong flares, but it is doing something rare and interesting


News for Saturday 13 April

2019 State of the Hobby results
Dustin Thomas N8RMA has released the results of the 2019 State of the Hobby survey. Sadly he reports he was subject to fourdeath threats for carrying out the survey

Foundations of Amateur Radio #201
Fragility of Communication 
Our day to day life is full of communication. We listen, although less and less, to the radio for news and entertainment, sometimes mixed together as food and games for the masses

Ham radio to help during polls in West Bengal
In a unique initiative, the Election Commission and the Ministry of Communications have granted permission to the use of Amateur Radio for election-related communications

Essex Ham hold Zello Net
Always keen to try something new, Essex Ham held a different type of net on the evening of Thursday, April 11 – a Zello Net

Australian CubeSat to use 76 GHz
The IARU Satellite Coordination Panel has announced the amateur radio frequencies for the Australian 76 GHz CubeSat CUAVA-1 that is expected to launch in July 2019

First live two way ROS Data qso over QO-100
First live Two way QSO’s reported over QO-100 on 10.489606 GHz Down link frequency between PA1DSB and SV8RV

VK6WIA NewsWest
This week we take a trip down memory lane, looking at what made Amateur Radio news way back when.

Propagation de K7RA
Similar to the last reporting week in Propagation Forecast Bulletin ARLP014, the first three days (Thursday through Saturday) had no visible sunspots, but sunspots returned on Sunday through Thursday


News for Friday 12 April

Diwata-2 designated Philippines-OSCAR 101 (PO-101)
On October 29, 2018, the Diwata-2 microsatellite was launched on a H-2A launch vehicle from the Tanegashima Space Center, Tanegashima, Japan

Solar minimum will be long and deep, experts predict
An international panel of researchers led by NASA and NOAA has released a new prediction for the solar cycle

Speaking to astronaut aboard space station ‘a dream come true’ for high school students
Some students at Shaftesbury High School had an out-of-this-world experience when they got the opportunity to ask questions to Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques, KG5FYI, who is on a mission to the International Space Station

DX News from the ARRL
The American Radio Relay League’s round-up of the forthcoming week’s DX activity on the amateur radio bands


News for Thursday 11 April

Tony’s 10m Band Report
Ten Metres may be improving slightly, only time will tell. This week AM70 station were about. There are 14 stations to contact for the 70th anniversary of URE. There are awards to be had and they are on the air till June 9th

ARISS contact for students in Thyes, France on Facebook
As announced, an International Space Station school contact has been planned for David St-Jacques KG5FYI with Ecole des Charmilles, Thyez, France

Mid Ulster Amateur Radio Club Awards talk
Mid Ulster Amateur Radio Club have a meeting this Sunday at 3pm at the Mid Ulster Shack, Mahon Road, Portadown

France: Connection of amateur stations to the Internet
The REF site has published a brief update on progress of Decree regarding the conditions under which radio installations in the Amateur Services can connect to a network open to the public

AMSAT at Sierra Vista Hamfest
I will have an AMSAT booth at the Cochise Amateur Radio Association’s hamfest on Saturday, 4 May 2019, between 7am and noon (1400-1900 UTC)

UK Foundation licence changes
BREXIT isn’t the only news from the UK. There have been some interesting changes announced to the UK Foundation Licence examination syllabus, which will come into effect September, 2019

The Space Weather Woman
The latest space weather forecast from Dr Tamitha Skov WX6SWW

WWV and WWVH to announce upcoming HF military communication exercises
The US Department of Defence plans to start making use of a provisional time slot on WWV and WWVH to announce upcoming HF military communication exercises and how the Amateur Radio community can become involved in them

FreeDV QSO Party
As I mentioned in last week’s news, the Amateur Radio Experimenters Group is sponsoring a new event during April 27th and 28th designed for people to ‘come and try FreeDV’, the new digital HF voice transmission mode developed by David VK5DGR

The Gambia operation
Operators Sigi/DL7DF (& XYL Sabine), Csaba/ DH7KU, Manfred/DK1BT, Annette/DL6SAK, Frank/DL7UFR and Jan/SP3CYY are now active as C5DL from The Gambia (WW Loc. IK13PJ) until April 15th

Unlocking Amateur Radio Technology Symposium
The SARL ‘Unlocking Amateur Radio Technology’ Symposium will take place from 13:00 on Friday 12 April at the Protea Hotel in Stellenbosch

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