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Accessed on 03 April 2019, 0315 UTC, Post 919.

Source:  Email message from Big Island Amateur Radio Club (BIARC) President Pascal Nelson (AC7N).


The Big Island Amateur Radio Club has been working on a proposed club constitution and bylaws.  Nelson has sent all BIARC members a draft constitution and bylaws for review and comment.  Here is Nelson’s email message with the necessary attachments.  Included in this message is a pdf of the April 2019 BIARC Newsletter.







Proposed BIARC Constitution and Bylaws

BIARC mailing list



Tue, Apr 2, 2019 at 1:17 PM
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Hello BIARC members,

Here are the proposed BIARC Constitution and Bylaws (2019).

For your discussion and information.

This is the good work of Les Hitner and the Constitution and Bylaws working committee.


Pascal AC7N
President BIARC


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