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Thanks to Ceri and Richard for summarizing the main ideas generated by the EMCOMM forum held on 02 February 2019 during the Original Big Island of Hawaii International Swap Meet and Hamfest at the Waimea Community Center.  The forum produced a wealth of information and suggestions for improving emergency communications on Hawaii Island.

Here’s the full text from Ceri and Richard:

Ceridwen Sanders via BIARC biarc@mailman.qth.net

11:40 AM (3 hours ago)
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“To Hamfest Roundtable participants:

After such an enthusiastic turnout and patient waiting for the results, here are our conclusions:

Because of the varied needs, requests, and concerns of the participants, our suggestion is that the act of planning and carrying out a basic hub and spoke exercise islandwide would call out the many issues of practical  interest for us. Our preliminary intent is to include  any group, club, and individual who is willing to identify  functional methods that work  toward our goal of islandwide cooperative EmComm.

The reflector BigIslandRADIO@groups.io <mailto:BigIslandRADIO@groups.io> has been set up as a basic communication tool among us. It allows us to have separate topics whether it be technical info (repeaters, antennas, etc),  locations (Waimea, Hilo, etc.), or training. Please subscribe by sending an empty message to: BigIslandRADIO+subscribe@groups.io <mailto:BigIslandRADIO+subscribe@groups.io>

RADIO is the easily-remembered  acronym for Radio Amateur Disaster Information Operators and  is not a club, or a group, or a new organization, but simply a place to share information and exchange ideas relating to amateur radio communication activities during catastrophic events

The sheer volume of interest and energy is literally mind-boggling!

Building relationships
Linking of repeaters
Training, exercises, practice, fun events
Training and practice for all bands and modes
Simplex in neighborhoods
Determine frequencies accessible in event
Map of operator locations, repeaters
A method to exchange info among operators
Relationship to HCCDA and ACS
What can ARES and REACT offer to a unique area like the BI with its restrictions?
Clarification of misunderstandings of responsibilities and resources  of ACS, ARES, HCCDA, CERT, REACT, KHRC, BIARC, PERC
Message handling practice for ACS and ICS formats
Antennas and what they can and can’t do and where
On-island links and off-island links
Served agencies
Available resources info
Uses of digital, when, where, and how to learn and practice
Special needs of isolated areas (gulches, mountains, low population density)
Learn propagation techniques
Use of portable and cross band repeaters
Nets, frequencies, uses

With all of this positive energy and interest, we’re well on our way to working together.  We’ll be looking forward to the next face-to-face meeting.

Ceri AH6CS
Rick AH6RK”

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