Welcome to the Tuesday evening edition of “Big Island ARRL News”.  Views expressed in this amateur/ham radio news summary are those of the reporters and correspondents.  Topics cited in this post come from Steve Milner (WH6N), Dave Pacheco (AH6OD), and Sean Fendt (KH6SF).

Source:  Email messages from Steve Milner, Sean Fendt, and a LinkedIn message from Dave Pacheco.

Before we get to the annual swap meet and Ham Fest, here’s some good news for radio amateurs living along the Hamakua Coast of Hawaii Island (I among them).  According to Dave Pacheco (AH6OD), a newly licensed radio amateur in the Laupahoehoe area will soon put a UHF node in service.  Dave says the RF simplex frequency will be 446.175 MHz (PL 100 or 110.9 Hz).  Dave adds that “activating the Raspberry PI3” will happen “this week and we are coordinating when the RF portion will be installed.”  I’ve put off buying a new VHF/UHF HT for years because of the poor VHF conditions beyond the Maulua Gulch.  With the installation of this new UHF node, I’ll probably spring for a new HT capable of using that node.  Heretofore, limitations imposed by geography have made VHF contacts from my home above the Laupahoehoe Police station extremely difficult with only VHF/UHF contacts being through a Maui repeater.

Now, here’s the scoop on the upcoming Swap Meet and Hamfest set for 02 February 2019:

Reminder – Big Island Swap Meet and Hamfest February 2, 2019

Ham/Amateur Radio messages x

Steve Milner via bounce2.pobox.com

Fri, Jan 18, 3:43 PM (4 days ago)
to Steve

The Original Big Island of Hawaii International Swap meet / Ham Fest

The Big Island of Hawaii International Swap meet will be Saturday February 2nd, 2019 at the Waimea Community Center, next to the ball field off Mamalahoa Highway in Waimea (Kamuela).


There will be a 10.00 donation per table per seller.

A 5.00 donation per attendee at time of registration.



8:00am – breakfast at Hawaiian Style Cafe

9:00am – vendor setup

9:30am – Doors open to public. Be sure to get your raffle tickets for the “Big ticket items”

11:00 am – 12:00 pm – EMCOMM forum – Presentations in adjoining room.

12:00pm – Swap meet closes

1:00pm – VE testing (a good time to upgrade your license)

2:00pm – Event comes to a close


Guest Speakers this year:


This year we are planning to have a forum about emergency communications on Hawaii Island.  We will have moderated  round table discussions.  Among the topics for discussion: Exercise planning, community relationships, digital formats, repeater systems, and how better to organize our island communication resources.  All Hams interested in emergency communications are invited.




Persons desiring to test for initial license or upgrade are asked to please bring a current drivers’ license or passport, a copy of their current FCC license or CSCE if applicable, and $15.00 in exact change (ARRL fee for 2018).  Any questions, please call Steve Milner, ARRL VE  at 808-938-8437 before the test date.




There will be surprise giveaways throughout the day.


Please note: This is a non-commercial event that promotes the trading of equipment and information between hams and the general public and to promote the open exchange of exploring Ham radio as a hobby.


Talk in 146.940 Maui Repeater, 147.32 Waimea, and 443.650 (100 Hz tone) Kona

This is an event sponsored by the Kohala Hamakua Radio Club (KHRC).

This is an Island wide event, be sure to tell all your radio friends.

See you there!

For more information contact: Steve Milner – wh6n@arrl.net


——————————————————————————————————————————–The Puna Emergency Radio Club (PERC) provides communications for the annual Big Island International Marathon in Hilo.  All licensed radio amateurs are invited to volunteer for the fun community event set for Sunday, 17 March 2019.  According to comms coordinator Sean Fendt (KH6SF) the race is “a prime opportunity to practice in-the-field-radio skills, learn new operating techniques and network with fellow hams and other who help with the marathon…”For more information, contact Sean at 430-1884 or via email at sean@sfendt.net.


For the latest Amateur/Ham Radio news and information, please check the blog sidebars and links.  These news feeds are updated daily and weekly.  Thanks for joining us today.

Aloha es 73 de

Russell Roberts (KH6JRM)

Public Information Coordinator

Hawaii County, ARRL Pacific Section