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Welcome to the Sunday evening edition of “Big Island ARRL News”.  Views expressed in this Amateur/Ham Radio news summary are those of the reporters and correspondents.  Topics cited in this post are from the UK-based Southgate Amateur Radio Club.

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This report covers the period 18 January 2019 to 20 January 2019.

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News for Sunday 20 January

U.S. Islands Awards Program celebrates 25 years
This year the U.S. Islands Awards Program (USI) is 25 years old. And to celebrate this they are offering a special, 25th Anniversary award for both chasers and activators

QSO Today – Ray Waldemar – WA6NVL
Ray Waldemar, WA6NVL, is an early adopter of electronic technologies that find their way into amateur radio including the first Apple 1 computer, first instances of repeaters, remote base stations, digital modes, D-Star, and now DMR

National VOA Museum of Broadcasting to Celebrate 75 Years of Telling the Truth at VOA Bethany Station
The National Voice of America Museum of Broadcasting plans a dozen free events this year at the iconic history museum in West Chester. 

Included is a four-part series on “The Voice of Truth in America: Celebrating 75 Years of the VOA Bethany Station” with the MidPointe Library System

Image: Jack Dominic, left and Steve Mayhugh

Radio hams ready if disaster strikes
In an emergency, a converted ambulance will be Marysville’s communication hub

Secunda Radio Club – field station event
The Secunda Radio Club, ZS6SRC will be active on the air from 18 – 27 January 2019 at the Trichardtsfontein Dam Yacht Club, a few kilometres from Secunda in Mpumalanga

Lime SDR (and PLUTO, too) sends TV
If you have experienced software defined radio (SDR) using the ubiquitous RTL SDR dongles, you are missing out on half of it. While those SDRs are inexpensive, they only receive. The next step is to transmit

Propagation Report from Hannes Coetzee, ZS6BZP
Hannes Coetzee, ZS6BZP, reports that the solar activity is expected to remain at low levels

Total eclipse of the Moon
There’s a total eclipse tonight–and it’s going to be super


News for Saturday 19 January

Emergency Grid Down Communications Winter Edition
Extreme weather and grid down disasters seem to be happening more often, and with greater intensity. More often than not, when we organize off grid emergency communications training with our portable radio gear, it usually takes place in fair weather conditions. What about training for a winter snow storms, the aftermath of a hurricane or tornado..?

Ham radio regulation changes in Bulgaria
On January 18, 2019, new Amateur Radio regulations were published by the Bulgarian Ministry of Communication

AmateurLogic 126: Blue Thumb DV & 1/4 Wave Stubs
Tommy reviews the Blue Thumb DV. George and the crew pull out the test equipment and experiment with 1/4 wave stubs. This live demonstration helps clear up some of the mystery. Mike, VE3MIC sits in for the Cheap Old Man to help keep expenses under control

RAC President attends annual ARRL Board meeting
The annual Board of Directors meeting of the American Radio Relay League (ARRL), is underway in Windsor, Connecticut and will conclude today, Saturday, January 19

L-R: Jay Bellows, K0QB (ARR), Rick Roderick, K5UR (ARRL), Glenn MacDonell, VE3XRA (RAC) and Rick Niswander, K7GM (ARRL)

WIA Board Comment
This week’s comment from the board of the Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA), by Director Justin VK7TW, highlights VHF/UHF/uW operating and YOTA

VK6WIA NewsWest
This week is all about new amateurs. We welcome those new to the hobby and have suggestions of how to enter at foundation level or to improve your privileges and responsibilities

RSGB launch Photo Friday on Twitter
The Society is now publishing pictures from the RSGB Archives on Twitter every Friday morning

Propagation de K7RA
No sunspots seen since January 6, so average daily sunspot numbers declined from 7.7 to 0 for the current reporting week, January 10-16. Average daily solar flux dropped from 71.6 to 69.4 over the same period. Average daily planetary A index went from 7.4 to 4.9, and average mid-latitude A index went from 6.1 to 4


News for Friday 18 January

Foundations of Amateur Radio #189
The reported death of Amateur Radio due to FT8 is an exaggeration
In 2017 a new digital amateur mode called FT8 joined the ranks of inventions related to our hobby. Since then it’s taken the amateur world by storm, filled the bands with contacts and attracted a strong following among radio amateurs across the planet. Making contacts with low solar cycle numbers has never been so easy

Earth’s shifting magnetic poles are affecting your phone
Earth’s magnetic field is changing so quickly that researchers have been forced to update to the World Magnetic Model ahead of schedule

Amateur radio tax abolished in France
French national society REF has confirmed that the annual amateur radio tax (license fee) has been abolished

International Air Ambulance Week 2019
This year’s International Air Ambulance Week will take place between 7th-15th September 2019, with the focus on supporting and generating donations for flying medical services around the world.
The event covers two weekends, giving amateurs a great chance to get involved and support the event

2019 Rally Diary filling up fast
G4RGA’s Rally Guide for 2019 is filling up fast. Check it out and find a rally near you

Reports on death of two New Zealand radio hams
The deaths have been reported of two New Zealand radio amateurs, 97-year-old Reg Motion ZL2LX and 81-year-old John Duncan ZL2JD

Long-range RFID with feedback
Not long ago, Hackaday published an article about researchers adding sensor data to passive RFID tags, and a comment from a reader turned their heads to a consumer/maker version which anyone can start using right away

Infringing Hytera products banned from importation to United States
Orders prohibiting importation, sale or marketing of Hytera products in the United States have taken effect (Motorola press release)

YOTA in VK ?
Wireless Institute of Australia Director Marcus VK5WTF commented recently on the Youth on the Air or YOTA program that has received attention at IARU level

DX News from the ARRL
The American Radio Relay League’s round-up of the forthcoming week’s DX activity on the amateur radio bands

Hawaii Island Amateur/Ham Radio notes:

The Original Big Island of Hawaii International Swap Meet/Ham Fest is set for Saturday, 02 February 2019, at the Waimea Community Center, next to the ball field off the Mamalahoa Highway in Waimea (Kamuela).  The event, sponsored by the Kohala Hamakua Radio Club (KHRC), runs from 0930 HST to 1400 HST, with swap meet ending at 1200 HST.  The rest of the afternoon will be used for an EMCOMM forum and VE testing for new and upgraded amateur radio licenses.  For more information, please contact Steve Milner (WH6N) at

The Puna Emergency Radio Club (PERC) needs licensed radio amateurs to provide communications support for the Sunday, 17 March 2019, Big Island International Marathon in Hilo.  If you can help, please contact Sean Fendt (KH6SF) at 430-1884 or via email at

Alan Maenchen (AD6E/KH6TU) is taking registrations for the next online CW class, beginning in April 2019.  The current class began in January 2019 and should be done by mid-February 2019.  According to Alan, the CW course “is an on-line video chat meeting twice a week for eight weeks for an hour each.  Exact days and times could change depending on student availability.  Since this is an internet based virtual classroom, no commute is needed.  You can do this from home….” For more information, please visit this website:

For the latest Amateur/Ham Radio news and events, please check the blog sidebars and links.  These news feeds are updated daily and weekly.  Thanks for joining us today.

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