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Comment:  Here are some of the top Amateur/Ham Radio news stories compiled by the UK-based Southgate Amateur Radio Club.  Views expressed in this news summary are those of the reportes and correspondents.

This report covers the period 26 September 2018 through 30 September 2018:

News for Sunday 30 September

Indonesia Earthquakes and Tsunami
A sequence of earthquakes and a tsunami in the Indonesian areas of Donggala and Palu on September 28 have left hundreds of people dead and many more injured

FCC 24 and 47 GHz 5G spectrum auction
The FCC has announced it is to make additional spectrum available for 5G services by auctioning spectrum that includes 24.25-24.45, 24.75-25.25 and 47.2-48.2 GHz

QSO Today – Tom Wright – NN2X
Tom Wright, NN2X, grew up in the sixties in the foster care system. Amateur radio provided a way out of the system and into the US Army and a career in satellite communications

SARL 80 metre QSO Party on Thursday evening
The aim of the 80 metre QSO Party is to create an interest in and activity on the 80-m band

NASA TV to air live coverage of International Space Station crew landing
Three of the astronauts aboard the ISS are scheduled to return to Earth on Thursday, Oct. 4. NASA Television and the agency’s website will provide complete coverage of their departure from the station and landing back on Earth

Update on Es’hail-2 given at AMSAT-DL symposium
DARC reports on Saturday, September 29, the annual symposium of AMSAT-DL took place in the IUZ observatory Bochum

AMSAT-UK Construction Competition
AMSAT-UK will be hosting a Construction Competition at their 2018 Colloquium October 13-14 at Kents Hill Park Conference Centre, Milton Keynes

DKARS Magazine September 2018
The DKARS (Dutch Kingdom Amateur Radio Society) issues its own free PDF Magazine once every month

SARL membership annual renewals
Final membership renewal notices for the 2018/2019 financial year were sent by e-mail on Friday 14 September and members reacted positively with their payments. A word of thanks to all who have renewed their membership so far

Makrothen RTTY Contest (Distance Based Scoring = More FUN!)
Originally conceived by Waldemar Kebsch, DK3VN and now sponsored by Pizza Lovers 259 (PL259), the contest takes place each year during the second full weekend in October

ESEO student satellite to enter final test phase
The European Student Earth Orbiter (ESEO) satellite carries an AMSAT-UK FUNcube-4 amateur radio 1260/145 MHz FM transponder. On September 27 it successfully completed the vibrations test

UK’s rarest lizard to be tracked by tiny radio tags
Tiny radio tags are being used to track the movements of a group of Britain’s rarest reptiles as they are reintroduced into the wild

Propagation Report from Hannes Coetzee, ZS6BZP
Hannes Coetzee, ZS6BZP, reports that the solar activity is expected to remain at low levels


News for Saturday 29 September

Foundations of Amateur Radio #173
Is man-made noise really vertical?
One of the often repeated attributes of noise and antennas is that man-made noise is vertically polarised and that is why a vertical antenna sounds noisier than a horizontal dipole. It’s an interesting thing to say, but it it true?

The chill of solar minimum
The sun is entering a deep Solar Minimum, and Earth’s upper atmosphere is responding

VK6WIA NewsWest
In the news this week, the FCC appears to ban the operation by amateurs of all unlicensed radios that are capable of being used outside amateur bands, closer to home we have an update from the Ham Feast, the Platinum VKFF Hunter Award, an update on the Golden Globe Yacht Race where radio amateurs are providing weather and net control services to sailors traversing the globe

Propagation de K7RA
The Sun remained spotless over the past week, and by September 27 the period with no sunspots was over two weeks. Average daily solar flux declined from 68.6 to 67.9. Average planetary A index increased from 9.7 to 10.9, while average mid-latitude A index declined from 8.3 to 7.9

DXCC Country/Entity Report
According to the Amateur Radio Cluster Network for the week of Friday, 21st September, through Friday, 28th September there were 211 countries active

IOTA news from OPDX
Weekly IOTA News – compiled by Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW, editor of the Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin


News for Friday 28 September

Global Learn Day on the Air
The ARRL reports Global Learn Day on the Air (GLDOTA) is an extension of Global Learn Day, which celebrates learning and encourages everyone to recognize the importance of education

New!! – Reboot Amateur Radio Podcast Episode 1: Futuristic Technology – Aredn
This podcast is your bi-weekly Futuristic Technology News source. Join your host Johan ZS1Iand share in the excitement and importance of futuristic amateur radio technology and events

ISWL callsigns for October
The following ISWL club callsigns will be used throughout the month of October 2018

Free download CQ-DATV 64 Magazine
CQ DATV 64 magazine is now available for free download. The back issues CQ-DATV 1 through to CQ-DATV 64 are also available

Superhet Radio History
Electronics Notes tells the story of how the superhet radio was born. Today we all take the superhet radio for granted. It has always been there and given good performance. But how often do we step back and think about when and how it was developed

EURAO Party – Autumn 2018: discover the 60m band
The European Radio Amateurs’ Organization announces a new party on the air, this time with the motto: “discover the 60m band”

DX News from the ARRL
The American Radio Relay League’s round-up of the forthcoming week’s DX activity on the amateur radio bands

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