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Source:  Email message from Leslie Hittner (K0BAD).

Comment:  Hawaii Island radio amateurs have some good news on the repeater front.  First, Les (K0BAD) says his new UHF repeater is on the air:

Leslie Hittner via BIARC <>

11:40 AM (8 hours ago)

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I activated a new repeater in Hilo today. It is coordinated on the UHF frequencies, 442.775 MHz TX and 447.775 MHz RX.

It is a fusion repeater running in automatic mode. On analog FM, the system uses a 100 Hz tone on both TX and RX.

The repeater is connected to a similar repeater on Southpoint owned by KH6TA. It is also connected to repeaters in California and Texas.

I have a Wires-x node connected to the repeater that is connected to a system in Minnesota.

The interconnected repeaters only work in C4FM. When using analog FM, the repeater stands alone.

I hope to have this system installed in an optimum location in Hilo by year’s end.

Feel free to use it now – and then.

-Les, K0BAD

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Second, Lopaka (WH6DYN) reports that the Kapoho 147.120 MHz repeater survived the latest lava flow and will be repositioned to another location.  Lopaka says everything around the repeater site was “inundated” by lava, including the battery house which was positioned at a distance from the repeater building and antennas.  Lopaka says there’s no timeline for repositioning the repeater.  At least the repeater was saved and will help the lower Puna community in the future.
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