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Email message from Joseph Speroni (AH0A), ARRL Pacific Section, Section Manager.


Here’s the latest information on the 16 September 2018 “Hawaiian Islands Grid Madness VHF/UHF Event” from Section Manager Joseph Speroni (AH0A) and event coordinator Stan Froseth (AH6KO).

“2018 VHF/UHF Hawaii Grid Madness


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Hi all,

Many of you who attended ARRL Puerto Rico Section Manager’s, Oscar
Resto (KP4RF), seminar on Amateur Radio use in the hurricane Maria,
learned the important role VHF simplex and Winlink P2P played in
emergency communications.  Hawaii Grid Madness is an opportunity for
Hawaii hams to develop VHF/UHF simplex communications skills and make
station improvements that can be critical support in emergencies.

The 2017 Grid Madness QSO maps show what we can do.

All of this is due to the efforts of Stan Froesth (AH6KO) and his team
on the Big Island.

Stan passes on this information,



Please join us for the Fifth Annual Hawaiian Islands Grid Madness, a
unique event for all hams in the State of Hawaii. It’s Sunday, September
16th 2018 from 1300 to 1700 HST.

Time to finalize plans for your Sunday afternoon on the radio…will you
operate your base station from home, go to a pu’u with your mobile or
HT, or play the rover to multiple Grid Squares? Grid Madness is a single
operator event, but you can join with other hams — take your radio to a
popular spot in your area, designate one person as a driver, or even
share a radio, each using your own call sign!

Don’t forget to contribute your score to your club on your Entry Form.
Now is a good time to contact other club members and encourage them to
get on the air! Here’s more info on the Club Award.

The idea is to contact as many stations as you can in as many Grid
Squares as you can, using SIMPLEX FM, 2 meters and 70 cm. Get complete
details and the info packet at

New this year
• Challenge yourself with Certificate Endorsements

• Simplified logging – No need to enter points, score, or exact freq.

• Or, if you want to use your computer, get the Grid Madness Logger

• People asking questions? Print and hand out the Public Info Flier

• Log submission deadline — extended to two weeks.

Pass the word to friends, clubs, and nets — especially on Kauai and

Give it a try and send in your log. You will probably enjoy it, and you
will get a pretty good certificate. We really like to get photos and
comments — send them with your log!

Comments and questions to

ARRL Pacific Section
Section Manager: Joseph Speroni, AH0A”

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Thanks for joining us today.
Aloha es 73 de
Russell Roberts (KH6JRM)
Public Information Coordinator
Hawaii County, ARRL Pacific Section