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Email from Pascal Nelson (AC7N).


According to Pascal (AC7N) the Kulani Repeater (146.76 MHz) is experiencing some operating issue which cuts off the signal soon after it’s been engaged.  Here’s the status of the machine:

Pascal Nelson via BIARC <>

5:01 PM (1 hour ago)
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Hello all,

This afternoon (Wednesday, August 29) we are experiencing a rather severe problem with the Kulani – 146.76 repeater. This may be due to the failure of the antenna, but that is not certain. Stations can get through full quieting for 2 or 3 seconds, then drop out. Stations are having difficulty making it through at all.  Gary, Paul, and the the rest of the team are aware of the issue, and we will be addressing it as soon as possible. It looks like Friday morning at the earliest.

Meanwhile, you will probably find the Kulani repeater unusable. Don’t keep futzing with it. We suggest that as an alternative you try 442.150 +5MHz pl 100.0 sq 100.0 WH6ECW. This repeater has approximately the same coverage as Kulani, but will sound different. It has an output which is weak or strong depending on the input signal.


Pascal AC7N
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