Hawaii QSO Party this weekend, 21 August 2018


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Alan Maenchen (AD6E).


Here’s the latest information about the Hawaii QSO Party this weekend from Alan (AD6E).

Before we examine the Hawaii QSO Party, please take all necessary precautions over the next 2 to 3 days as Category 5 Hurricane Lane approaches Hawaii Island.  The storm is packing sustained winds of 155 to 160 mph and will pass extremely close to the west side of Hawaii Island as it moves towards Maui, Molokai, Oahu, and Kauai.  Forecasters believe the fierce storm will dump up to 15-20 inches of rain, along with flooding, and hurricane force winds on most of the state.  Hurricane Lane is a very bad storm with the potential of doing great harm to you and your property. Please gauge your participation in the Hawaii QSO Party carefully.  Stay safe and operate your equipment according to the severity of the weather.

Now, here’s the latest word on the Hawaii QSO Party:

Too ALL KH6 radio amateurs:
The Hawai’i QSO Party will be held again this year in just a few days, and you’re invited. It’s time to get “radio-active”. Get on the air, make a bunch of QSOs, have some radio fun. This can be a serious contest, or just get on and make a few QSOs for the fun of it.
Please take a look at the web site:
I just sent out emails to 1,000 mainlanders announcing this HQP so there should be plenty of activity.
The event starts at 0400Z Aug 25 and runs through 0359Z Aug 27 That’s 48 hours total, and you can operate as much of that time as you want. That’s 6 pm local FRIDAY until 6 pm SUNDAY.
Hawaiian stations work anyone, anywhere, on any legal HF mode: CW, SSB, or any of the many digital modes. Digital modes include RTTY, PSK, FT8, or ANY other digital modulation. Be sure you’re exahange includes your QTH area. A grid square is NOT acceptable. However, the required signal report does not have to be in the traditional 59 or 599 format. A S/N value in dB is OK. Please convert your log format into Cabrillo. Let me know if you need help with that.
HQP does not use counties as multipliers, the multiplier list is expanded into areas. Please make sure you give your correct area in you’re QSOs.
Using a spotting system is OK. The object is to work as many stations as you can and this is a very good way to find them. Please do not “self-spot”. That’s not considered good gamesmanship and could lead to a DQ.
Also, note that other state QSO parties will be active at the same time. It’s perfectly OK to work stations running in other Parties. It’s good for you AND good for them.
Please send questions or comments to
Aloha & 73,  Alan AD6E at KH6TU”
For the latest Amateur/Ham Radio news and information, please check the blog sidebars and links. These news feeds are updated daily and weekly. Thanks for joining us today.
Please be careful over the next several days as Hurricane Lane brushes past Hawaii.
Aloha es 73 de
Russell Roberts (KH6JRM)
Public Information Coordinator
Hawaii County, ARRL Pacific Section
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