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Email from Darren Holbrook (KH6OWL).

Please scroll down to see the repeater map.


Thanks to Darren and Hawaii ARES members for creating this ARES repeater map for Hawaii Island.  With the eruption and lava flows showing no signs of pausing, this map will prove useful if you need to report an emergency in your area.  During the emergency, the VOAD repeater on Mauna Kea is available for emergency traffic (146.720 MHz, 100 Hz tone).  The 40 meter interisland net on 7.088 MHz (LSB) is available for those unable to access a repeater.  Please stay safe and monitor Civil Defense messages on Hawaii Island radio stations and through the social media.

Here’s the map:

Darren Holbrook

8:44 AM (2 hours ago)
to JosephRobertkimberlyWH6EPSLeighRussSean
Here is a newer version with updates from a few people on the big island have provided. Dated 15 May, version 1.3

It is a busy map. 🙂

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