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The ill-fated Bouvet DXpedition (3Y0Z) is now in the process of returning contributions to event sponsors, clubs, and radio amateurs who lent financial support to the aborted mission to this icy, remote island near Antarctica.  The mission was scrubbed because “of mechanical failure of our vessel.”  Arrangements are being made to return dxpedition equipment to the United States and other areas.

Here is the latest mission update as reported to

Bouvet Island DXpedition News

To the DX Community…..
There have been several important milestones reached and decisions made in the last few weeks.

We have received a partial reimbursement on our payments made to DAP, our transportation contractor. In our view, this it is a fair settlement with them. Our vessel, Betanzos is now back in Punta Arenas and we believe the container with our personal gear and equipment are intact. We will be arranging to transport the container back to the US, arriving in a few months.

It has become apparent that the chance of finding a suitable and affordable vessel for the 2018-19 Austral season is becoming less and less likely. It appears that the very earliest that we could mount a second attempt to activate Bouvet would be the 2019-20 season or possibly beyond.

Thus, we have made the decision to offer a pro-rata return of the remaining 3Y0Z DXpedition funds in our account. This will occur only after the container has arrived here and we have paid all our bills.
Only then, will we know the net balance to be distributed. As you may have concluded, this is going to be an enormous task with 137 DX Clubs and Foundations and 3700 individual DXers. The process will take some time. We ask that you be patient as we complete this.

You will have the choice of a pro-rata return of your contribution, or you may designate a foundation or club to receive your contribution.
Any “unclaimed” refunds will be proportionally distributed to the major contributing foundations. Later this year, we will explain the way to claim your refund.

After the return of the funds is completed, we will close the accounting books and the bank account of 3Y0Z. This is always our procedure as each DXpedition must stand on its own. We believe this is the proper way to wrap up the DXpedition.

We all are unhappy and extremely disappointed that the project was not completed due to a mechanical failure on our vessel. This left the Captain no choice but to abort the mission for safety reasons.

Please accept our team’s heartfelt thanks for your outstanding support of this project.

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