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Email from Glenn (AH6IO).


The HPP Radio Day held this past Saturday (28 April 2018) at the Hawaiian Paradise Park Community Center was a great success, despite the marginal weather conditions.  Unfortunately, I had to work that day and was unable to attend the event.  But, Glenn (AH6IO) was there and offered his assessment of the gathering:

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 “Hello Les,

Could this be sent to all listserve = or those you feel would like to get it?

I went to Makuu yesterday to the Radio Day.  It was a little late in the afternoon when I got there and maybe some presenters had left.  I am glad I went and want to thank the group for putting it on and thank the presenters too.

I hope those on the listserve, especially if you are a new ham, will take advantage of future such events.  Besides UHF/VHF stuff, Jim, WH6FQI had up an interesting antenna.  I knew about it from internet search.  It is from a military NVIS plan for multi-freq HF use.  From it you could see how a inverted vee design could be implemented and how it looks, how much space it takes and how a “Fan” type dipole can be made and installed.  Then you’d have a multi-band antenna that is not a compromise like many so-called multi-band antennas are.  Though this one is not resonant, they can be made so and are not so difficult to tune and also are more efficient and RX and TX well.  He used a manual antenna tuner and you could have seen how that works and tunes.  You could see how to connect all the parts …

Late a gentleman came with sophisticated testers and analyzers – don’t recall his name and maybe or someone will continue this info.  He works for a local Wireless Co.   But a tidbit you can glean from gatherings like this is something like this:  He used an adapter on his HT to convert his antenna to BNC.  He said the SMA or REV SMA has about 500 times it can be installed/removed before it actually will have noticeable problems.  However, with the BNC adapter (which I use too) rather than having to replace the radio because you wore out the connector, you can just replace the adapter – well under $10- maybe $4.  I like it because the BNC can twist without coming loose and allow a HT to be turned to face you.  He said he had a plate in his car so he can quick connect his radio to different antennas on his vehicle.  What is this BNC ?  Adapter huh?  They don’t teach stuff like this on the FCC test….  I have tried to explain this, but seeing it in use is !!! much more effecti
ve !!!  Thanks … hope people noticed but even then to now question and ask and look is the main thing…

Thanks again for those who were there and to the organizers and presenters.

Mahalo and 73,
Glenn, AH6IO”

Thanks, Glenn for your reaction to the HPP Radio Day.  Not only does an event such as this bring radio amateurs together, but it also lets us learn something new.  Next up is the ARRL Field Day on 23-24 June 2018.  Please let me know where your club will be holding the event.
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Thanks for joining us today.
Aloha es 73 de
Russell Roberts (KH6JRM)
Public Information Coordinator
Hawaii County, ARRL Pacific Section