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Email from Kevin Bogan (AH6QO), ASM Hawaii State VOAD ARES Liason.


An important VOAD/ARES test is set for Saturday, 07 April 2018.

Here’s the complete text from Kevin Bogan (AH6QO), ASM Hawaii State VOAD ARES Liaison:


[BIARC] VOAD testing from Kevin Bogan


Ceridwen Sanders via BIARC <>

12:36 PM (3 hours ago)

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Please check in on the Hawaii State VOAD repeater, 146.72 MHz (PL 100.0 Hz) Maunakea on this coming Saturday, April 7, 2018.

Please help us map the extent of coverage of the Maunakea repeater by checking in on the HSVOAD net from as many locations as possible.

This is an emcomm repeater, so please use best practices as given by the NCS when operating on the repeater.

The NCS for this Saturday’s HSVOAD net will be Eric, KH6CQ

The MOA with the Institute for Astronomy stipulates that the repeater only be turned on for an emergency declared by the Governor of the State of Hawaii and for testing at noon for one hour each month on the FIRST SATURDAY of each month – a change from the past.

This repeater serves the member agencies (e.g., East Hawaii VOAD, American Red Cross, The Salvation Army, Hawaii Pacific Baptist Convention, Team Rubicon, ARES and more <>) and their partners (e.g., HI-EMA, HCCDA, MEMA, etc.)

Some of you did not receive the original information on the change of day.  There was miscommunication and we are working to make sure that further information is sent to all necessary operators.

Please pass this on to others.


Kevin Bogan, AH6QO
ASM Hawaii State VOAD ARES Liaison

Hawaii Island Amateur/Ham Radio activities:

According to Rich (WH6LU), Hawaii Island Radio Amateurs will meet this Saturday (07 April 2018), 0800 HST, at the Lava Rock Cafe for an informal breakfast and discussion session.

Everyone is invited to the HPP Radio Day, Saturday, 28 April 2018, 0900 to 1600 HST, at the Hawaiian Paradise Park Community Center, 17th and Maku’u Drive in the Puna District.  Coordinator Mike Stratton (KH6PAC) says “We want to let everyone know that the event is open to all hams, especially the newest ham operators…”  For details, contact Mike at

You still have time to register for the Big Island Amateur Radio Club’s (BIARC) QTH.NET Email Listserve.  To join the listserve, just send an email to Les Hittner (K0BAD) at

General Comments:

For the latest Amateur/Ham Radio news and information, please check the blog sidebars and links.  These newsfeeds are updated daily and weekly.

Please send your Hawaii Island Amateur/Ham Radio news items to at least two weeks prior to your event so I can notify our local print and broadcast media in a timely manner.

Thanks for joining us today.

Aloha es 73 de

Russell Roberts (KH6JRM)

Public Information Coordinator

Hawaii County, ARRL Pacific Section


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