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Editor:  Paul Huff (N8XMS).


One of my favorite Amateur/Ham Radio publications is the NAQCC Newsletter issued by the North American QRP CW Club.  The issue is full of intriguing construction projects, technical topics, contest information, and operating suggestions. Even if your interests don’t fall into the QRP zone, you’ll find some fascinating articles to stimulate your brain.

NAQCC President Paul Huff (N8XMS) and his volunteer crew do an excellent job of portraying Amateur/Ham Radio in our often confusing world.  Before I list some of the topics discussed in the current issue, I thought Paul’s thoughts on the mission and purpose of the North American QRP CW Club would be appropriate:

From NAQCC President Paul Huff, N8XMS
Amateur radio has something for everyone. SSB, FM, AM, the digital modes, and QRO power levels all
have their place in this great hobby and we certainly recognize the importance of these modes as well
as the enjoyment that they give to many. But for a growing number of hams the challenge of “doing the
most with the least” makes QRP (and QRPp) CW operating the greatest thrill available in amateur radio,
and the North American QRP CW Club exists to promote this exciting facet of the hobby. As part of our
focus we also encourage, but do not limit operators to, the use of simple wire antennas.
The NAQCC provides numerous opportunities for hams to enjoy QRP/CW operating. For contester
types we have a popular monthly 2-hour sprint that runs at relatively low CW speeds and at a fairly
relaxed pace. Three special sprints also take place during the year for 160-meter and QRPp operators.
For a month-long activity we offer our members a Monthly Challenge that can be anything from forming
a list of words from the calls of stations worked, to making a prescribed number of contacts using homebrew
gear. There is also an extensive awards program to recognize the significant QRP/CW
accomplishments of our members.
We also serve as a resource for people who are just getting started in QRP and/or CW. Our slow-speed
CW nets are a great place for beginners to practice Morse code under real on-air conditions. Beginners
will also find a wealth of helpful information on our club website and we are more than willing to try to
answer any questions about QRP and CW that you might have. An extensive monthly newsletter is
filled with useful projects and news from fellow QRPers.
A number of local NAQCC Chapters offer opportunities to get together for in person socializing and
QRP/CW activities. Portable operations are especially popular with the local chapters.
Whether you are a veteran ham radio operator who is looking for a new challenge in the hobby, or a
beginner who is intrigued by the possibilities of QRP/CW communication, we cordially invite you to join
us. Membership is free and the benefits and fun are significant.
The North American QRP CW Club was founded in 2004 by
WY3H and K3WWP and now has over 9000 members world
wide. Membership is free and anyone interested in CW/QRP
operating is welcome. Complete information about the NAQCC,
including a membership application, activities schedule, and useful
resources, can be found on our website at
Inquires can also be sent to
Club President Paul Huff, N8XMS
9928 Eckles
Livonia, MI 48150

NAQCC membership is free.

Here are some of the topics discussed in the current edition of the NAQCC Newsletter:

Important Club News in “Key Clicks”:

The Bayou Jumper

Solderless Bread Boarding

Member spotlight=NR3Z

Sprints, challenges, contests, cw events

“And all of the usual departments and features”.


Hawaii Island Amateur Radio events:

Source:  Big Island Amateur Radio Club March 2018 Newsletter.

All licensed amateur radio operators on Hawaii Island are urged to volunteer their time for the 18 March 2018 Hilo Marathon.  Hams will be assigned to positions along the 26.2-mile course which extends into Keaukaha and up the North Hilo coastline from the start/finish line near the canoe hale on the Hilo Bayfront.  If you want to help, please contact WH6EXS at 1-443-492-9272 or send a message to the PERC Facebook page:  @KH6PRC.

Everyone is invited to the HPP Radio Day, Saturday, 28 April 2018, from 0900 to 1600 HST, at the Hawaiian Paradise Park Community Center, 17th and Maku’u in the Puna District.  For more details, contact coordinator Mike Stratton (KH6PAC) at

The next series of free Technician License prep classes begins on 22 March 2018 at Kona’s West Hawaii Civic Center. The final exam will be held on 26 April 2018.  A test fee of $15.00 (in exact cash) is due at the time of each exam. For details, contact Doug Wilson (KH7DQ) at

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