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Email from Joe Speroni (AH0A) via

Major changes to the ARES program are on the horizon.  Some of these realignments could effect how ARES is run in Hawaii.

Here are some thoughts from Pacific Section Manager Joe Speroni (AH0A) on that topic:

1a. Dec 18 ARES Memo
From: Joe, AH0A <>
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2018 15:49:50 PST

Hi all,

To add a little detail to Norm’s posting of the Dec 18th email about ARES

Few details are known, even at this late date.  To our knowledge 5 sections
are beta testing a small portion of the planned nationwide database.

Pacific Section has asked to delay our involvement until the program is
better understood.

We plan to migrate our local database to the ARRL ARES version, once it is
available.  I’ve been assured that we will be able to transfer our database,
so Hawaii ARES members will not have to reenter their information.  We
expect the number of items will have to be reduced.  We will depend on
Hawaii ARES officers (SEC, DEC, EC, etc) will have a chance to comment of
what should be kept and what is discarded.  And maybe object to some new

The new system would introduce additional work for ECs, well beyond what is
currently required in Hawaii ARES.  After discussion with ARRL HQ, we have
decided to remove EC registration from the ARRL database so they will not be
called on for clerical tasks.  ECs in Hawaii will be renamed as CECs –
Community Emergency Coordinator.  The change affects Hawaii ARES management
in the following ways,

1.      DECs will be also be appointed as ARRL ECs and continue their
current reporting responsibilities.
2.      DECs will appoint CECs in their district.  It will no longer require
SEC or SM approval.
3.      CECs will not have to be ARRL members, although it will be
4.      The responsibilities of CECs will not change –  support of DECs

Attached are copies of the current ARRL EC position description and the
draft Hawaii CEC.  We are told the new ARRL ARES organization will publish
revised ARES positions.  We will share them once they are available.

Any concerns, comment?  Drop me an email or call at 955-2496.

Aloha es 73 de Joe/AH0A

CEC Position Description.pdf: Position Description.pdf
Emergency Coordinator.pdf: Coordinator.pdf

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