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From the Pacific Section Manager–Disaster Assistance & Hawaii SET

Big Island ARRL News, 30 September 2017, 0655 UTC, Post #325.


Author:  Joe Speroni (AH0A), Section Manager, ARRL Pacific Section.

Accessed on 30 September 2017, 0655 UTC, Post #325.

Please click link to read the full report and to access the youtube and Hawaii media videos.


On Friday, 29 September 2017, Pacific Section Manager Joe Speroni (AH0A) sent Hawaii ARRL members a special update on hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico, where radio amateurs are providing communications and medical support to first responders.  As an added bonus, several Hawaii television stations have aired a video summarizing how radio amateurs helped a Maui man get connected with his relatives in hurricane ravaged Puerto Rico.  Many thanks to ARRL PIO (Honolulu) Stacy Holbrook (KH6OWL) for setting up the interviews with our local television news teams.  Great job!

Here’s the complete text of Joe’s message, including additional information about the 2017 Simulated Emergency Test for 21 October 2017.  I’ve reposted his remarks which were originally published in Stacy’s blog.


From the Pacific Section Manager – Disaster Assistance & Hawaii SET

Hi all,

There’s a lot going on in the Amateur Radio community supporting communications for Texas, Florida, Mexico and especially Puerto Rico where communications infrastructure was wiped out by Hurricane Maria.  You may all know, at the request of the Red Cross, the ARRL has helped deploy 50 (fifty) Amateur Radio operators with equipment to the battered island.  Several Hawaii hams have volunteered and are on backup if commercial communications recovery takes longer than expected.

Hawaii ARES got involved in support of one Maui family looking for news about relatives in Puerto Rico.  It got the attention of the “Hawaii News Now” 10-o’clock new show Sep 28th.  In case you missed it, the video clip is available on YouTube at  Tom Gallagher (NY2RF), ARRL CEO, was interviewed via Skype covering the ARRL deployment to Puerto Rico.  Darren (Stacy) Holbrook (KH6OWL), ARRL Pacific Section PIO (Public Information Officer), appeared in the story from his home QTH station and explained his involvement in helping the Maui family.

The weather and seismic activity in North America should be a reminder to all of us of the importance of being ready for the next big event that affects Hawaii.  Like Puerto Rico, the Hawaiian Islands cannot be supported by ground transportation from neighboring organizations. Communications to the mainland would be an even bigger problem for us. Organized HF to VHF communication nets will be important, especially if Internet is out of service.

This coming October 21st, the ARRL Pacific Section ARES will host our annual SET (Simulated Emergency Test).  All Amateurs are invited to participate.  It is an opportunity to exercise equipment and practice our communication procedures.  This year we have two scenarios being practiced – reporting on tsunami damage immediately after the event and relaying health and welfare traffic to mainland stations in Oregon.

Contact Clem Jung (KH7HO), ARRL Pacific Section SEC (Section Emergency Coordinator) at to learn how you can get involved. Follow us on Facebook at or our blog at .

Put the SET on your calendar and help us be better prepared!

Aloha es 73,

ARRL Pacific Section
Section Manager: Joseph Speroni, AH0A