During hurricanes, emergency officials turn to ham radio

Big Island ARRL News, 14 September 2017, 0540 hrs, UTC, Post #309.



Reporter:  Jon Santucci (The Stuart News–Florida).

Accessed on 14 September 2017, 0540 hrs, UTC.

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Reporter Jon santucci of “The Stuart (Florida) News” has written an excellent article about the vital communications and information gathering roles played by Florida ham operators during the passing of Hurricane Irma.  “USA Today” picked up the story, reaching millions of readers worldwide.

Etta Lo Presti (KM4KTN), the emergency management coordinator for Indian River County, Florida, says all of the training and drills practiced by radio amateurs are paying off, now that normal communications have been cut and power outages continue:

“But when you have something catastrophic like they do in the Keys and in the west coast of Florida, where you’re not going to have communication, these amateur radio operators take care of things for us.”

“In Indian River County, Paul Bartoszewicz and Willie Thompson work 14-hour shifts during Hurricane Irma. They’re part of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) — a group of licensed radio operators who help with communication during storms.”

“They work in a small room off the main area inside Indian River County’s Emergency Operation Center.”

“Bartoszewicz, 66, and Thompson, 61, do hourly calls to fellow amateur radio operators at each of the shelters in Indian River County.”

Amateur radio operators throughout the Gulf Coast are doing their best to keep information flowing between first responders and emergency management officials.

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