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Big Island ARRL News, 06 September 2017, 0555 hrs, UTC, Post #303.


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The North American QRP CW Club issues an informative monthly newsletter covering major QRP operating events in the United States and other areas of the world. Each issue is filled with a variety of technical, contest, and equipment articles that will appeal to radio amateurs, be they QRP enthusiasts or not.

Here’s a brief outline of the topics discussed in the September issue of The North American QRP CW Club newsletter:

CN = Chapter News
EP = Elmer (CW Assistance) Project
GCN = General Club News
MN = Member News
MS = Member Spotlight
OT = Operating Tips
SF = Special Feature

#231 – September 4, 2017

GCN: Key Clicks – 13th Anniversary next month – ops needed, 2018 Sprint Challenge schedule online, please keep your membership info current, thanks for the donations, pg 1-2.
SF: Lyle AF7OS – Paddle for the Masses, pg 3-5.
SF: Richard K4KRW, Beach Trip, pg 6-8.
MS: Stan WB2LQF, hooked on the “magic of radio” at age eleven after building a crystal radio this ham goes on to homebrew and kit building, pg 9-11.
GCN: Sprints, Challenges, Awards, and Nets, pg 12-20.
EP: Brion VE3FUJ – Help For Beginners – some building notes, pg 21.
SF: Dick W9CBT – This month’s cartoon “Ham Heaven”, pg 22.
CN: Florida – Next Parkpedition Sep. 15, pg 28.
CN: Illowa – Skeeter Hunt report, upcoming Oct. Peanut Power QRP Sprint, pg 29.
CN: West Florida – Anclote Park report, pg 30.
CN: Western Pennsylviania – Skeeter Hunt report, pg 33-36.
MN: Joe AA4NN Thanks for the spinner knob, John K3WWP August activity, Joe W3TTT Park-portable station, Gene N5GW Common Mode Impedance review, Paul W4KLY Radio stands for sale, pg 37-40.

“Key Clicks” is a well-written, easy to understand look at the expanding world of QRP Amateur Radio.

Just a quick reminder:  The Hawaiian Islands Grid Madness 2017 is set for Sunday, 17 September 2017, from 1300 to 1700 HST. Grid Madness is a VHF/UHF simplex event.  For more information, visit

Also on the calendar is Radio Day II, set for Saturday, 30 September 2017, at the “Great Organic Lava Farm” or the Kopua Farm Lots Golf Course.  An array of operating techniques and equipment will be featured at this fun, educational, and networking event.  For details, contact Kim at

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