Ham Radio at the 10th Annual Geek Fest and Ham College 30


Big Island ARRL News, 03 July 2017, 16:45 hrs, UTC, Post #245.

Source:  E-mail from Darren Holbrook (KH6OWL), ARRL PIO for Oahu, dated 02 July 2017, 8:16 p.m. (Hawaii Standard Time).

Congratulations to members of the Emergency Radio Club of Hawaii  who participated in the 10th Annual Geek Fest on Oahu over the weekend.  Here’s the text of Darren’s message:

“Amateur Radio at the 10th Annual Geek Meet at Magic Island”

“The EARCH HI Club and the Pacific PIO manned a booth for the Geek Meet.  Thanks to all the Hams who visited, helped, (and) supported us throughout the day.  We have over 300 visitors to our booth and signed several up for possible attendance for classes.  Long and Hot day but we survived and had a lot of fun.  Now for rest! Happy 4th of July to all.”  Thanks to Darren for this update.  Another great example of positive outreach to the public.



You may want to review this video before taking the General Amateur Radio Exam.  The well-paced video covers the basics for the upgrade to General, including:

resistors, capacitors, diodes, rectifiers, solid state devices, transistors, vacuum tubes, batteries, analog and digital devices, microprocessors, memory, I/O devices, microwave ICs, digital displays, and other technical topics you need to know for the exam.

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