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E-mail received from Stacy Holbrook (KH6OWL), ARRL PIO for Oahu via Clem (KH7HO), Kailua, Oahu 4th of July parade coordinator.

Accessed on 12 June 2017, 23:55 hrs, UTC.


Something news is coming to radio amateurs in the State of Hawaii.  Thanks to part-time Maui resident Jim Andrews (KH6HTV), High-Definition, Digital TV via Amateur Radio will debut at the Kailua, Oahu 4th of July parade.

Here’s the press release from Clem (KH7HO) and Stacy Holbrook (KH6OWL):

Honolulu, HI.  June 12, 2017

“A new operating platform will allow Hawaii Amateur Radio Operators to support the community by providing Amateur, Hi-Definition, Digital TV system via Amateur Radio Frequencies. The system was developed by Jim Andrews, call sign KH6HTV, who lives part time on Maui.

We are planning on using Amateur Radio HD TV that is on UHF for the annual Kailua 4th of July parade which will be held in Kailua from 10 a.m. to 12 noon.

Clem Jung, KH7HO, is working with Jack Tsujimura (KH6DQ) and Jeff Sue (AH6IX).  They hope to get two cameras up and running and there will be two monitors in the NCS/command tent to monitor the parade to provide additional eyes on the event.

The support is provided by a group of all-volunteer organization of Federal Communications Commission-licensed radio amateurs, which provides backup emergency communications services to local public safety agencies in the event of disasters and also large community events.

The camera crews are “highly portable,” their gear built into backpacks. Basically what’s going on is we have somebody in the command center who can see our television pictures, and then if they hear something has happened outside of a certain area, they will send us over there to be videoed from the sidewalk. This video is transmitted up to the people in the command center. We provide eyes on the situation for them.”

This year’s parade will be the 71st Kailua parade.  It will begin near Kainalu Elementary School and end at Kailua Intermediate School. Amateur Operators will support the parade by providing  25 operators providing communications during the parade, a record.  Clem stated, “I have been involved providing amateur radio communications for the parade since I got my Ham license about 20 years now.  I use the parade as a venue to train, especially Inexperience Windward Oahu Hams, in net training, public service communications and to prepared them for emergency communications.”

You are welcome to join us on Tuesday, July 4.  The NCS/ command pop up tent will be at St. Christopher’s Church on North Kainalu Drive near the MC and reviewing stand.  We will be on station by 8:45 a.m.  We will be using the Windward repeater 147.00 pl 103.5 for the parade beginning at 9:30 a.m.  FYI.  N. Kainalu Road will be closed to all traffic at 9:30 a.m.

Clem (KH7HO)
Parade Ham Coordinator
Cell: 683-8163

More information on the system can be found at:”

Don’t forget the 2017 ARRL Field Day event on 24-25 June 2017.  Hawaii Island radio amateurs will meet at the Eden Roc park and community pavilion to set up a portable ham radio station, beginning at 8:00 a.m., Saturday, 24 June.  The event runs until 8:00 a.m., Sunday, 25 June.

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