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While I don’t usually recommend listening to long podcasts, I’ll make an exception for The Ham Radio360 Workbench #22 podcast which focuses on the growing relationship between Amateur Radio and The Maker Community.  Both pursuits enjoy radio communications and experimentation and look forward to expanding “the radio art.”

Despite our many shared interests with The Maker Community, there are several issues which prevent a closer relationship.  Prime among them is a fundamental difference regarding wireless communication and how each group uses it.  Makers tend to use radios as a means of “achieving a larger goal”, while “amateurs generally use radios as a means of communication.”

FaradayRF founders Bryce Salmi (KB1LQC) and Brent Salmi (KB1LQD) believe those growing up in the modern digital age aren’t necessarily interested in what attracted many of us to Amateur Radio:

“Cell phones and WiFi access has certainly influenced how they view radio fitting into society. Overall, sending data over large distances is nothing new regardless of whether it travels through wires or radio waves.”

“Access to cheap electronics including unlicensed radio modules have lowered the barrier of entry for hobbyists utilizing radios in projects. This raises the question if amateur radio can remain relevant by continuing to embrace the act of “making contacts” as its main goal. We think something needs to be done to change this mindset.”

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FaradayRF was founded by Bryce Salmi KB1LQC and Brent Salmi KB1LQD


Although Amateur Radio encompasses many individual hobbies, perhaps it’s time to expand our interest base to incorporate the concerns and goals of our friends in The Maker Community.  Many of those in The Maker Community would make excellent radio amateurs.  Let’s reach out to them.

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Just a reminder about Field Day.  The Eden Roc park and community pavilion will be the site of Hawaii Island’s 2017 ARRL Field Day event.  Field Day will be held from 8 a.m. Saturday, 24 June 2017 to 8 a.m. Sunday, 25 June 2017.

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