Stan Froseth, (AH6KO), has been appointed to the new position of Assistant Section Emergency Coordinator for the Big Island.  Stan will be assisting Clem Jung with emergency communications working with the District Emergency Coordinators there.  Stan knows the people and the challenges of the Big Island.  He and I have similar objectives regarding EMCOMM and he will be working with the Big Island DECs in developing EMCOMM capability there.  Please give Stan your support.
Many of you know Stan as the organizer of the annual Grid Madness but I wanted him write a bio about himself so all the DECs have an idea who he is:
Letter from Stan: Thank you for the opportunity to serve with the emergency radio community on the Big Island; looking forward to working with you! Here is some information about me.Lynn (WH6ETX) and I moved to the Big Island in 2011. We have a small condo in Kailua Kona (grid BK29ao), and a cabin in Black Sands Beach (BK29mj) in Lower Puna. We divide our time between the two locations, and have amateur radio stations at both, but no Internet or cell phone at our Puna QTH. More details on our radio setup and activities on my QRZ page.

I was first licensed in 1968 (WA0VIS), running CW and building transmitters. After a long absence, I returned to amateur radio in  2012, mainly to get involved in emergency communications. I’m now active with CW and RTTY contesting, other digital modes, HF and VHF phone nets, organizing Grid Madness, and a few new projects too. During that long break I worked as an electrical engineer, computer analyst, teacher, baker, and old house fixer.

I have training in CERT (2013-2014, not currently active), ICS-100, 200, 700 and 800 (in 2014), all highly recommended for EmComm hams! I am scheduled for the official SkyWarn training that will be offered on the Big Island in June, and plan to complete one or more of the ARRL EmComm courses.

Please contact me with questions about training opportunities, and with your ideas about how we can improve our capabilities as emergency communicators on the Big Island!


Aloha and 73~ Stan AH6KO

Thank you Stan and the support from his XYL Lynn.
Mahalo, Clem (KH7HO)

Stan Froseth, AH6KO

Thanks to Clem for the notification and article.

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