April 22nd, 2017, Big Island Hawaii.

Amateur Radio and ARES reaches out to support the community and kids.

The North Hawaii Community Hospital (NHCH) sponsored the annual Keiki (Hawaiian word for kid), Fest event in Kamuela on the Big Island. This was the 18th year the event was held. South Kohala Emergency Coordinator (EC) Norm Cohler, NH7UA and  South Kohala Assitant Emergency Coordinator (AEC) Steve Doyle, WH7TW, set up and manned the Kohala Hamakua Radio Club’s booth to demonstrate amateur radio. Steve reports the weather was very favorable with only a few light winds testing the pop-up tent.

Steve Doyle, WH7TW

Norm had to go through some gymnastics in order to borrow the HAH go-kit from NHCH. Normally this is not an issue but it was this year apparently because NHCH became affiliated with the Queens Medical Center. An ICOM 706 and Buddipole were set up on 40 meters to demonstrate regional communications. Although band conditions were poor due to a CME, a few contacts were made including those with Hamakua EC Rick Bowen, AH6RK, and North Hawaii District Emergency Coordinator (DEC) Eric Grabowski, KH6CQ. Norm and Steve also contacted other stations including Stan Froseth AH6KO in Kona using the 147.32 repeater at NHCH.

Norm Cohler, NH7UA

As usual one of the biggest draws this year was Norm’s demonstration of Morse code using a code practice oscillator. As he keyed HI and SOS repeatedly, interest picked up and at times there was a line of 4 or 5 keiki waiting their turn to send their name in Morse code.

Please see the attached documents for details and pictures of this year’s event.

73 and aloha, Eric KH6CQ
District Emergency Coordinator
Hawaii Amateur Radio Emergency Service

Thanks to Eric, KH6CQ for the story and Norm and Steve for there presence at the event.

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This was a great event and helped publicize Amateur Radio to children and their parents.  A special thanks goes to the North Hawaii Community Hospital for sponsoring the Keiki Fest.

Aloha es 73

Russell Roberts (KH6JRM)

Public Information Coordinator

Hawaii County, ARRL Pacific Section