Amateur Radio operators play vital communications role during emergencies


Big Island ARRL News, 29 March 2017, 21:30 hrs, UTC, Post # 158.


Accessed on 29 March 2017, 21:30 hrs, UTC.

Reporter:  Janelle Scully, Noozhawk North County Editor.

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This well-written article about ARES activities in Santa Barbara County, California by Editor Janelle Scully is accurate, informative, and “down to earth.”

Ms. Scully has done a good job of explaining what roles the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) plays in the overall emergency planning for Santa Barbara County.  ARES volunteers are fully integrated in the county’s emergency response program and offer dependable backup communications for first responders and civil defense personal.

Lou Dartanner, the Santa Barbara County ARES district coordinator, tells reporter Scully that his participation in ARES is a way to support his community when it needs its most:

“And especially in a disaster or emergency it allows us do some more mundane things that releases the fire personnel or law enforcement personnel to go do more important things.”

Dartanner said the volunteer organization provides its members with an opportunity to do what they can and like to do.

“You spend all this money on this radio equipment, it’s nice to be able to go out there and use it to do some good,” he said.

“The ham radio operators are included in the county disaster plan, and during a declared emergency ARES members work out of the Emergency Operations Center, where a complete radio system allows communication between the Public Health Department and hospitals.”

This is just another example of how ARES volunteers serve their communities.  Although Hawaii Island hams have a long way to go before we match the performance of our fellow radio amateurs in Santa Barbara County, we can learn some valuable lessons from them and strive to make ourselves better trained, motivated, and dedicated to public service.

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