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Big Island ARRL News, 20 March 2017, 05:55 hrs, UTC, Post #150.


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Author:  HQ ARRL.

Please click link to read the full report and to get information on how your ham radio club can participate in Field Day.


The 2017 ARRL Field Day is set for the last full weekend of June–Saturday/Sunday, 24-25 June 2017.  Field Day is the largest Amateur Radio emergency preparedness exercise in North America, involving more than 35,000 radio amateurs in the United States and Canada.

According to HQ ARRL, the objective of the event is simple:

“To work as many stations as possible on any and all amateur bands (excluding the 60, 30, 17, and 12-meter bands) and to learn to operate in abnormal situations in less than optimal conditions. Field Day is open to all amateurs in the areas covered by the ARRL/RAC Field Organizations and countries within IARU Region 2. DX stations residing in other regions may be contacted for credit, but are not eligible to submit entries.”

To find out more information on the ARRL Field Day, please visit this website:

The site contains rules, logging information, field day sites, and operational categories.

Please contact your local club to get more information on field day sites in your location.

As the Public Information Coordinator/Public Information Officer for Hawaii Island, I will be contacting local print and broadcast media with updated information as Field Day weekend approaches.

I will also be offering pre-recorded public service announcements from the ARRL for broadcast use.

Hawaii Island radio amateurs interested in doing a radio interview should contact the news/public affairs section of your favorite radio station.  I’ll be doing a few interviews myself to get the ball rolling.  If you would like to publicize your club’s Field Day activities, please send me a note at so I can notify local print and broadcast media in a timely manner.

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Thanks for joining us today!

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Russell Roberts (KH6JRM)

Public Information Coordinator

Hawaii Island, ARRL Pacific Section

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