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Here are the main topics and ARES Briefs/Links from the latest edition of the ARRL ARES E-Letter:

“ARES® Briefs, Links

The ARRL Board of Directors, the League’s policymakers, adopted five legislative objectives for the US Congress, at its Annual Meeting last month. Some are of special interest to the ARES community. The first objective is to seek early congressional passage of the Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2017, H.R. 555 and of any Senate companion bill that might be introduced. H.R. 555 cleared the House on January 23. The implications for emergency and disaster response operators, especially in neighborhood and community-based organizations such as CERT and ARES, are profound in terms of being able to enhance their programs and better serving their constituencies.”

“Also, the League will seek recognition of the unique resources, capabilities, and expertise of the Amateur Radio Service in any legislation addressing communication issues related to emergencies, disasters, or national security. More on ARRL legislative objectives here.

FEMA Region X Reports Another Successful HF Interoperability Exercise (1/20/17); Ohio ARES Adds 6 Meters to its VHF Simplex Contest (1/13/17)”

Noteworthy articles include a discussion of the relationship between ARES and RACES and how to build a portable “bucket” radio station for portable and emergency operations.

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