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The ARRL conducts three “Rookie Roundup” contests every year–April, August, and December.

This relatively new event reminds me of the old “Novice Roundups” when I first got licensed back in the dim, distant days of 1977.  As a novice licensee, I had loads of fun, despite my ragged cw “fist”.  Plus, I got a chance to work some interesting DX from Hawaii Island back in those days.

Now, this legacy contest has been reborn as the “Rookie Roundup”, with the main focus on radio amateurs who have been licensed for 3 years or less. Rookies can contact anyone, while “Old Timers” such as myself can only contact rookies.  We can also serve as “elmers” (mentors) for new licensees and encourage them to participate in the six hour event as much as possible.

The next Rookie Roundup is set for Sunday, 16 April 2017, from 1800 hrs, UTC to 2359 hrs, UTC.  SSB will be used for this particular event.  Activity will be held on the 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10 meter amateur radio bands.  Depending on the class of license held by you and your “rookie”, you may serve as a control operator at your home or portable station for those venturing into the General and Extra Class phone bands.

Here are some of the important rule and procedural changes in effect for April’s contest:

• “You can be a Rookie if you were first licensed in 2017, 2016 or 2015 – send the year you were first licensed in the exchange.


• Starting in April, if you were licensed before 2015 you can also be a Rookie if you made your first Amateur Radio contact during 2017, 2016 or 2015 or if you haven’t made any contacts on the contest mode (SSB, CW, or RTTY) before the Rookie Roundup contest, send the current year (2017) in your exchange – either of these reasons qualify you as a Rookie for just one year.


• Rookies will attempt to make as many contacts as possible during this 6-hour event. Rookies work everyone – and non-Rookies work only Rookies.


This is a great way to try out contesting in an event designed for newcomers.  Hope to work you then! To pre-register teams or submit your score after the event, please visit the Rookie Roundup page hosted by Bruce Horn, WA7BNM. ”

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