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Big Island ARRL News, 29 January 2017, 15:10 hrs, UTC, Post #107.


Accessed on 29 January 2017, 15:10 hrs, UTC.

Author:  Dom (M0BLF).

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There are many ways to attract new members to your Amateur Radio club and to Amateur Radio in general.

In this article, Dom (M0BLF) describes how his clubs (Camb-Hams and the Cambridge University Wireless Society) reach out to the local community and, in the process, attract those curious about Amateur Radio.

Most interesting is the use of his clubs’ mobile van, guest speakers, and school outreach to build a positive community presence.  The use of the club van to support the public service activities of a community-based radio station is just one way of getting involved in community life.  In the past, the Big Island Amateur Radio Club has participated in the Hawaii County Fair by setting up a portable ham station to relay personal messages of fair attendees, to provide VE testing, and to show videos of past club activities.

Although we may not be able to do as much as our friends at the Cambridge University Wireless Society, we still can reach out to students in schools by supporting science fairs and career days.  Events such as the ARRL “Kid’s Day” are a good way to put a positive spin on Amateur Radio.

Another good way to publicize Amateur Radio is to do interviews at local radio and television station, submit articles to local newspapers, and offer communications support to local sports activities. Ham radio support of the Honolulu Marathon is a prime example of being visible, relevant, and supportive of local activities.

This article from Dom (M0BLF) may give you some ideas and suggestions on how to improve Amateur Radio visibility in our communities.

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