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Amateur Radio headed to Pickaway-Ross.

Big Island ARRL News, 08 January 2017, 15:45 hrs, UTC, Post #91.


Accessed on 08 January 2017, 15:45 hrs, UTC.

Reporter:  Chris Balusik.

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Here’s another example of how the media can put a positive spin on Amateur Radio activities.  In this report from “The Chillicothe Gazette“, Chris Balusik does an excellent job of describing how the ARRL supports the education and career interests of young people by providing equipment, guidance, and support to a local Ohio technology training center.

The Pickaway-Ross Career and Technology Center was one of four schools to receive an ARRL Education & Technology Program Grant.  Science instructor David Pentecost (KC8WEB) wanted funds for amateur radio station equipment “with the intent of augmenting the engineering program and attracting interested students into the world of wireless communication and other related technologies.”

Pentecost tells reporter Chris Balusik that the ARRL grant will open new career choices for students:

“For a student, it’s learning about the electromagnetic spectrum and how it works, that would probably be the primary scientific benefit,” he said.

“It also will expose students to what makes wireless technology work, allow them to explore more deeply into the world of electronics and basic radio system operations and give some the opportunity to earn one of three levels of FCC amateur radio licenses. The first level of licensure is a technician license, which allows the holder to broadcast within a specific range of higher frequencies. The next step up would be a general license, which adds more frequencies to the list, with the highest licensure level being an extra license that permits broadcasting on all frequencies.

Pentecost’s hope is that many in the first class of juniors to go through the program will earn their technician license, then as seniors will not only earn their general license but also encourage a new crop of juniors to get excited about the program to help build it beyond the initial three-year period.”

The ARRL Education & Technology Grants are an excellent use of the dues and contributions you make to maintain your membership in the ARRL.

The article by reporter Chris Balusik is clear, concise, and accurate.

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