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Amateur radio is a communication hobby. We’re great at communicating with other amateurs, but what about the rest of the world? Here are some notes on how

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Big Island ARRL News, 01 January 2017, 19:40 hrs, UTC, Post #86.

Accessed on 01 January 2017, 19:40 hrs, UTC.

Author:  Essex Ham, UK.

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Thanks to the Essex Ham Club in the UK for outlining the basic steps in promoting Amateur Radio. Those of us who are ARRL Public Information Officers/Public Information Coordinators (I’m one) will find this article a valuable resource in presenting an upbeat, positive image of Amateur Radio to their local communities.

Here are some of the tips suggested by radio amateurs in the UK:

Revise your club website.  Does it look inviting and friendly to prospective hams?  Does it incorporate photos, videos, and eye-catching articles?  Does the website promote Amateur Radio-related events and offer license classes? Does your club website have a presence on social media, such as twitter, facebook, and linkedIn?

Upgrade your public event appearances.  Does your community event appeal to public concerns such as emergency communications, disaster training, and support of local agencies?  Does your event have Amateur Radio literature available?  Do you have a public speakers bureau that can explain Amateur Radio in non-technical terms to the public?

Extend your community outreach by word-of-mouth contacts and press releases to local print and broadcast media. Does your club have members willing to write Amateur Radio-related stories or to appear on radio/television/cable public affairs programs?  Encourage club members to mention their Amateur Radio activities on their facebook, linkedIn, and twitter pages.

These suggestions from our UK friends will go a long way to improving community awareness of Amateur Radio and how we as radio amateurs serve our communities, state, and nation.

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