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Big Island ARRL News, 21 November 2016, 23:20 hrs, UTC, Post #47.

Accessed on 21 November 2016, 23:20 hrs, UTC.

Author:  Michael Martens (KB9VBR).

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One of the basic items in your amateur radio station should be backup antennas for your HF/VHF/UHF equipment.

In this brief article from Michael Martens (KB9VBR), he outlines several emergency and portable antennas suitable for your home or for ARES volunteers.

Michael says his VHF/UHF standbys are his own self-made j-pole antennas, which can be bought from a variety of sources (including Michael himself) or made from materials available from the nearest hardware store or building supply outlet.

You should also have an emergency or portable HF antenna, a backup antenna “tuner”, a spare HF rig, and a source of battery power.  A good backup antenna would be a simple dipole installed in the upper floor or attic of your home or a low-level 40 meter NVIS (near vertical incident skywave) dipole installed near your home station.  A NVIS antenna would give you an excellent signal anywhere from 100 to 300 miles/162 to 486 km from your home or portable station.  You could even use this NVIS antenna to check into the Hawaii Afternoon Net (7.088 MHz) at 0200 UTC during the week.

If your ARES team is alerted, be sure to have a few pre-made antennas ready for use.  Be sure to make a “go kit” and have it handy in case you’re posted in a remote area.

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