FCC approves new emergency alert system event codes for the 2017 hurricane season


Big Island ARRL News, 20 November 2016, 03:25 hrs, UTC, Post #46.

Accessed on 20 November 2016, 03:25 hrs, UTC.

Source:  National Weather Service and the ARRL.

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Now that Hawaii and the coastal areas of the United States have survived a difficult 2016 hurricane season, planning begins for the 2017 hurricane season with the revamping and refinement of emergency system alert codes for emergency management agencies and Amateur Radio supporting groups such as ARES and SATERN (Salvation Army).

Among the new codes are designations for Extreme Wind Warning (EWW) and Storm Surge Watch (SSW).

According to the FCC, current equipment can be used until communications equipment can be updated with the new codes.

More information will be released as the FCC releases the codes and the protocols necessary to implement these new alert codes.

Radio amateurs serving with ARES, CERT, and SATERN teams should be aware of these changes.  Please refer to the full story for additional details.

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