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Hawaii Amateur Radio Operator Activates Uninhabited Hawaiian Island 10 day each month – Oahu ARRL News

Amateur Radio Operator Eric Brundage (KH6EB) is on Kaho`olawe Island for 10 days every month operating from the base camp which supports the state’s efforts to restore the island.  Eric and o…

Source: Hawaii Amateur Radio Operator Activates Uninhabited Hawaiian Island 10 day each month – Oahu ARRL News

BIG ISLAND ARRL NEWS, 06 November 2016, 04:45 hrs, UTC, Post #33.

Accessed on 06 November 2016, 04:45 hrs, UTC.

Reporter:  KH6OWL, PIO for the ARRL Pacific Section, Oahu.

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Thanks to Stacy (KH6OWL) for this intriguing story about Hawaii Amateur Radio Operator Eric Brundage (KH6EB), who activates the former target island of Kaho’olawe for a week and a half each month as part of his job as manager of a base camp that supports the restoration of the uninhabited island.

The next time Eric will be operational from Kaho’olawe will be from 07 November to 16 November and from 12 December to 21 December 2016. Eric uses a KX3 with a KPA-100 amp on the 20 meter amateur radio band. His signals are launched from a KIO hex beam antenna.  He’s generally on the air from 0600 to 0700 HST, 1700 to 1900, and 2000 to 2300 hours, HST.

After decades of protests, the U.S. Navy ended live-fire training exercises on Kaho’olawe in 1990, and the entire island then became part of the state of Hawaii in 1994.  The Hawaii State Legislature created the Kaho’olawe Island Reserve “to restore and oversee the island and its surrounding waters…Today Kaho’olawe can be used only for Native Hawaiian cultural, spiritual, and subsistence purposes.”

If you wish to establish a schedule with Eric, please contact him by email:

In other Hawaii Island-related Amateur Radio news, April Lee (WH7WZ) in Kapa’au needs help in removing a 20-foot vertical antenna from property once owned by one of her clients.  She also needs help in getting the unused antenna in operational condition.  The antenna will be used for North and South Kohala & Waimea CERT teams/Hamakua-Kohala Radio Club members.  If you can help, please contact April at 808-989-5995 or by email at

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