Channel 5 show generates widespread criticism


The Nightmare Neighbour Next Door broadcast 9pm Oct. 27 has drawn criticism from radio amateurs across the country, it is not known how many have used Ofcom’s online programme complaint service

Source: Channel 5 show generates widespread criticism (http://www/

BIG ISLAND ARRL NEWS, 29 October 2016, 23:30 hrs, UTC, Post # 29.

Accessed on 29 October 2016, 23:30 hrs, UTC.

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Here’s another case where the media should have known better.  I found the story of Armando Martins (M0PAM) and the struggle with his neighbors over his amateur radio installation most enlightening.  It seems the USA isn’t the only place where ignorance, fear, and disregard for scientific fact hold sway.

Although Mr. Martins followed all Ofcom rules and adhered to planning requirements, that wasn’t sufficient to deflect the wrath of his neighbors. The broadcaster, Channel 5, could have done a much better job of explaining the issue without resorting to distortions of fact.  Instead, the slipshod report did an excellent job of catering to viewers’ fears and turned a victim into an alleged criminal.  Having been an investigative news reporter for several radio stations in Hilo, Hawaii, I found the program heavily biased and just plain uncalled for.

While I and many of my fellow radio amateurs on Hawaii Island are blessed with understanding neighbors and often have a lot of space to erect antennas, this may not be the case much longer as even our rural districts are getting filled with folks fleeing the urban glut in Honolulu.

All of us, including ARES volunteers, should have a plan “B” for our antennas, just in case our structures are considered neighborhood “blights” in the future.

There are all kinds of portable and emergency antennas you can find to make your operations as “stealthy” as possible. The way things are going now, it may be a good idea to adopt a “stealth” mentality before some well-meaning ignoramus takes the high ground.

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