Amateur Radio support for Atlantic hurricane


Hurricane Matthew began as a tropical storm near the Windward Islands, but intensified several days later to be a Category 4 Hurricane, unleashing its fury and resulting in hundreds of deaths and widespread damage

Source: Amateur Radio support for Atlantic hurricane (

Big Island ARRL News, 13 October 2016, 19:45 hrs, UTC.

Accessed on 13 October 2016, 19:45 hrs, UTC.

Reporter:  Jim Linton (VK3PC), IARU Region 3 Chairman, Disaster Communications Committee.

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This article from Jim Linton (VK3PC) provides a lot of background information about Hurricanes Matthew and Nicole which has not been previously released in the media.  This report is a valuable supplement to the ongoing hurricane coverage provided by the ARRL (see righthand sidebar for the ARRL press release).

Jim does an excellent job of describing the actions of ARES, ARRL, the Salvation Army’s SATERN program, and even Cuban radio amateurs during the current storm emergency.

As the death toll from these powerful storms passes 900 (mostly in Haiti), the emergency continues for Bermuda, which is now being impacted by the 120 mph winds of Hurricane Nicole.  ARES, ARRL, and SATERN teams are standing by to render assistance if needed.  Nicole has pulled away from the continental U.S. and doesn’t pose a threat to the eastern seaboard. Bermuda is directly in the path of Nicole and expects between 4 and 8 inches of rain as well as higher than normal surf.

I found Jim’s report interesting because it gives another perspective on how radio amateurs serve their communities in times of disaster.  Our prayers are with the citizens of Bermuda during this time of need.

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