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Source: Amateur Radio Relay League Press Release #3 OCT16 Reminders.pdf

Big Island ARRL News, 30 September 2016, Post #12.

Accessed on 30 September 2016, 06:10 hrs, UTC.

Reporter:  Stacy Holbrook (

Here’s the latest update of ARRL Pacific News from Oahu PIO Stacy Holbrook (KH6OWL).

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Upcoming October 2016 Amateur Radio Related Events:

01 October 2016–Simulated Emergency Test.

01 October 2016–Boy Scout Camporee & Radio Scouting.

03 October 2016–Technician Course starts.

08 October 2016–ARRL License Test Session on the USS Missouri.

08 October 2016–KARC Club Meeting.

18 October 2016–EARC Club Meeting/

Nightly Nets.

For detailed information on these programs, please visit

Grid Madness Report from Stan (AH6KO).  The full report is in the October 2016 edition of the “Big Island Amateur Radio Club Newsletter.”

Here are some of the highlights of that event:

A handful of amateur radio operators on the Big Island started Grid Madness in 2014.  The event now includes all of the Hawaiian Islands.  Hams use their 2 meter and 70 cm radios to contact as many other stations as possible in a many locations (grid squares) as possible, in just four hours.  Only simplex FM voice is allowed.  This year, we ran the third annual Grid Madness on Sunday, September 18th.

For the first time, Grid Madness entrants experienced the “Madness”.  For a while, signals on 146.52 overwhelmed the channel, especially on Oahu and in the Hilo-Puna area.  Operators demonstrated great skills, staying calm, and patient in the pileup, working together, and moving to other channels.  Many contacts were made “across the water.”  At this writing, at least 52 stations participated, up from 27 last year.  About half of the participants submitted their logs.

Grid Madness operators achieved several “firsts” this year. First HT (Handheld) entries from Bob (KH6BE) and Konabob (AH6GT); first Moloka station (we think–still to be confirmed); and first contacts between Oahu and Maui.

Participating hams practiced using their equipment (base, mobile, and HT) and exchanged and recorded information in difficult conditions.  they also learned more about local and inter-island VHF/UHF propagation.  No doubt, knowledge and skills that will be very useful for the SET exercise on October 1s, and in a real emergency.

Mahalo Nui to all who joined in–especially to the many hams that helped with ideas and publicity.

If you missed this year, be sure to give ita try in 2017.  If you enjoyed this year, invite others!  If you know any hams on Kauai, invite them! Watch for detailed results in October at


Stan (AH6KO).

If you have any announcements pertaining to amateur radio operations on Hawaii island (the Big Island), please send them to

Aloha es 73 de Russ (KH6JRM_

ARRL PIO (Hawaii Island).

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